plastic cups set to disappear from solihull council; straws and plastic cutlery are also set to be scrapped by the end of 2020.

by:HongXing     2019-10-20
Signature: David Owen plastic cups, straws and cutlery may become past after agreeing to scrap
Use items by the end of 2020.
Members of Parliament unanimously supported the common opposition to these types of throw-away products, which were described as \"totally unnecessary, a great damage to the environment \".
A motion by Green Party MP Ben MAFF urged the authorities to take some measures, including the cancellation of singles
Use plastic from buildings and consider applying more stringent conditions to food and beverage suppliers at Council events.
Most importantly, it calls for action.
Plans are made to allow the council to \"freely\" dispose of items by the end of next year.
The conservative group in Solihull\'s administration revealed that they agreed to the \"spirit\" of the proposal, but revised the bill and delayed the deadline by 12 months.
There is also a warning that the action to end the \"purchase and purchase\" of plastics through the supply chain will be \"doable\", and the Tories believe that work is needed to look at the actual situation.
The groom of Cllr introduced his motion (Smith\'s Wood)
The view that the Council has the opportunity to \"do something great\" will bring great benefits to the environment and the economy.
\"According to recent research, 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the world\'s oceans every year, endangering marine life,\" he said . \"
The Allen MacArthur Foundation estimates that by 2050, plastic will weigh more than fish in the ocean.
Conservative ministers may cancel McDonald\'s Happy Meal toys \"there is also a growing understanding of the risks to human health posed by toxic chemicals present in plastics.
\"Cllr Groom said there was widespread public support for reducing usage and saw it as an issue that could cross party boundaries, citing recent comments from Environment Minister Michael Gove.
\"I am happy to be with the Conservatives in Chester, Richmond, mendipp, Birmingham and across the country who have taken this important step.
When it\'s important-
This is important-
For the common good, we can cooperate easily.
Cllr Tony Dicicco, a member of the environment and housing cabinet, said the Green group was \"kicking an open door \".
\"We can lead by example and hope others can follow suit,\" he said . \"
\"I have said \'till the end of 20\' and \'doable local\' because at the moment we have not had the opportunity to assess the question of where a disposable plastic could be replaced, what would be the cost, [feasibility]is]
Actual replacement in time
The scale already suggested.
Starbucks introduced a 5 p paper cup charge to all stores across the UK, \"so we wanted to give ourselves a little space to make sure we made the right decision instead of being rushed in.
\"Cllr James Burn, leader of the Green Group, said the BBC wildlife series Blue Planet II has drawn attention to many of the issues that plastic has caused.
He said: \"I think many of us have seen a scene where albatross fed a plastic toothpick to a young chick and it died.
\"It\'s absolutely disgusting and incredible.
\"I am therefore very pleased that we have agreed to take action on this throughout the chamber.
Worries about being single
Plastic usage has been growing in recent years, and the government has previously charged shopping bags in large stores.
It is estimated that 500 billion disposal cups are sent to landfill sites every year around the world. CAPTION(S)
: Credit Live/SWNS.
Plastic contamination on Cornwall credit Beach: The Solihull board will cancel the PA plastic cup by 2020.
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