plastic cups: hc to govt: maintain thickness standard of plastic tea cups | ahmedabad news - times of india

by:HongXing     2019-10-21
AHMEDABAD: the Gujarat High Court ruled that plastic teacup should be manufactured in accordance with the regulations of the central and state authorities, with a minimum thickness of 50 microns.
HC states that any 50 micron plastic cup cannot be called \"inferior\" or \"inferior\" material and that the manufacturer, seller and user are not responsible for any action under Rule 4 (c)and 4(d)
Plastic waste (
Management and processing)
Lawyer Rajan Patel says the rule is 2011.
On 2015, after various civic groups attacked sellers and manufacturers of plastic cups on the grounds that the materials sold were of inferior quality, the issue was referred to the high court.
Sellers are even fined for this.
Two of the manufacturers have told HC that the thickness of the products they manufacture and sell exceeds the prescribed minimum thickness and authorities cannot take any action simply by inferior quality of these products.
When HC sought a response from the authorities, the authorities said that the minimum thickness specified under the rules was 50 microns.
At present, the central government has not proposed any changes to this standard to make the conditions more stringent.
HC, after carefully reading the specification, said that the national authorities should comply with and implement the rule by allowing plastic cups with a minimum thickness of 50 microns.
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