Plastic Canvas Tissue Box Instructions

by:HongXing     2020-06-09
Plastic canvas is a kind of plastic mesh or mesh that stitches yarn on it for decoration purposes.It is used to make covers for tissue boxes and tape dispensers as well as book prints, baskets, Christmas decorations and wallets.You can make a cover with a premade pattern or your own design for your tissue box with plastic canvas.
The plastic canvas is cut into the size of the tissue box and the edges are sewn together to make the cover.Count the stitching of the perimeter of the pattern, then count this number on the canvas, starting with the first external plastic line, count one cross line made of two intersecting plastic lines as one stitch.Cut the canvas according to the size of the pattern you just counted.
Statistics of stitches or crosses on patterns to determine where to start stitching the graphics-Not the background--Pattern on plastic canvas.Count on the canvas to where the drawing starts.This is where you start sewing yarn on canvas.
Start stitching the pattern, start with the object of the pattern, and then start with the background color of the pattern.Pass the needle and yarn through the starting hole and leave 1/2 of the yarn under the plastic canvas.Hold the 1/2-In the inch section in the direction you will sew with the other hand.
The first three shots you make, make sure 1/2The inch part of the yarn is caught or pressed by the lower side stitching.Pass the needle up through the lower left corner hole of the starting cross or intersection.Pass the needle down through the hole in the upper right corner of the intersection.
Keep such stitching and work from left to right until you reach the end of the line being stitched.Move the needle down to the next line and stitch in the same way, start on the right and stitch to the left.Each seventh line will start a new line.Keep stitching this way, alternating left-to-right and right-to-left along the row until you finish the color you\'re working on.
When you finish with one yarn, flip the canvas to the wrong side and pass the needle through the lower side of the four needles.Cut off the remaining yarn.Follow the pattern until objects and backgrounds on both sides of the tissue box are stitched.Stitch the box together by keeping the front and right edges together.
To whip-Stitch the sides together, starting with the front edge hole, to the end of the right edge hole.Continue stitching along the straight and inner corners of the box in this way.Sew three stitches in the upper and lower corners of the outside, fixing the pieces together.
Keep doing this until the box is stitched together
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