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by:HongXing     2020-05-22
A new twist in recycling is changing the slums of Manila.
Plastic bottles are now no longer seen as garbage, but as a cheap and sustainable way of lighting.
The shantytowns in Manila are usually built very close with no windows and natural light.
Electricity is not affordable or accessible to many slums
Residents, many families often have to work, do housework and eat in the dark.
Now, a simple innovation called the solar bottle bulb comes out of the roof, illuminating the lives of many people.
The \"bulb\" is fixed in the hole on the top of the corrugated iron roof and is a recycled plastic bottle containing bleach water.
The bottle bulb brings more light than the traditional window, breaks or leaks during the typhoon season, and it reflects the sun, producing 55-
The light of the tile value.
Illac Diaz, non
Profit my Housing Foundation, bringing simple, cheap and innovative technologies to the Philippines through his project \"one liter of light.
\"You can imagine how much this light affects these families,\" Diaz said . \".
The bottle bulb is from D by engineer Amy Smith-Lab in MIT.
After watching a YouTube video of her work in Haiti, Diaz began experimenting with \"solar bottle lights\" technology.
To create a green market for sustainable lighting, the \"one liter light\" has donated more than 100 bottle bulbs to others across the Philippines to replicate the project.
Diaz\'s eight train team shares tools and technology with others in Manila\'s slums and locals in towns such as Cebu and Visayas.
Bottle bulbs are sold and installed for about $1 per piece.
With the help of many local governments, the \"one-liter light\" and its collaborators have installed 12,000 bottle bulbs, lighting 10,000 families in five provinces in the Philippines.
According to Diaz, using a bottle bulb instead of electricity or a generator home can save $6 a month.
It is reported that the Philippines has the most expensive electricity in Asia, and houses in slums do not have illegally connected electricity meters, which cost more than the standard rate.
Providing constant light during the day, the bottle bulb is advertised as a better option than candles and lights, as candles and lights can be dangerous or faulty lines and can cause fires.
Diaz has high hopes for the future of his plastic bottles and plans to expand his project to 36 towns across the country.
His idea was recently adopted by the civil military operations team of the Philippine armed forces, which will distribute 10,000 bottles of lights to different parts of Manila\'s slums.
\"Once people see the benefits to the community, they will catch the technology,\" Diaz said . \".
\"It will spread out like a drop of ink.
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