plastic bottles get new life as homes and schools ...

by:HongXing     2020-05-12
Original plastic bottles of environmental protection Goodbricks.
In Toronto alone, 100 million plastic bottles are consumed each year, and plastic bottles are eventually occupied by landfill, forests, lakes and oceans.
As noted by the Canadian water bottle association, if these bottles are completely broken down, it may take hundreds of years for them to break down.
Fortunately, developers in Africa and Latin America have made the most of these empty bottles by recycling them as building materials for families and schools.
The bottle is first filled with sand, then stacked and bound with cement to form a strong wall that is both fire and bullet proof. A two-
The digital news website participates in the report that the bedroom house, equipped with a bathroom, kitchen and living room, can be made with up to 14,000 bottles for a fraction of the price of an ordinary family.
The German Ecotec environmental solutions company has partnered with Nigerian locals to build these plastic bottle houses for 16 million homeless people living in the country.
In Latin America, 68 schools were built in 72 months using similar construction methods, and charity started to embrace it and explain forward that filling plastic bottles with inorganic materials instead of sand, fix them in place with shredded chicken and then cover them with concrete.
Embrace it and want to share their \"bottle school\" manual with communities around the world in order to build more schools in the areas that need it.
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