plastic bottles face slower growth.

by:HongXing     2020-05-12
With the development of the US economy, the demand for plastic bottles will gradually pick up in the second half of this year. S.
The economy, particularly consumer spending, is slowly recovering.
Economic growth in 2009 looks favorable, but fluctuations in oil and the natural environment
Natural gas prices remain a major risk to consumer spending and expected recovery in plastic bottle production.
The plastic bottle market is maturing rapidly.
This means that the future growth of bottle demand will increasingly depend on factors such as the launch of new products and the penetration of the alternative material market.
Instead, trends in consumer spending and resin prices will increasingly affect demand.
In recent years, the average annual growth rate of bottle production has dropped to about 2%. Due to the double blow of high resin prices and slow growth in consumer spending, the growth in the first half of 2008 will be even slower.
From 1990 to the first half of this year, the bottle market has achieved amazing growth driven by the steady arrival of new drinks and families
Chemical products.
But starting in 2006, growth slowed as the market became saturated with a single currency
Drinks and concentrated detergent are served.
There are still some segments that represent the main areas of growth for plastic bottles, most notably beer and even wine.
Biodegradable bottles may also have a chance. But long-
For the foreseeable future, the long-term growth rate of consumer bottle consumption will be within a modest range of 2% to 3%/year.
The growth of PP bottles in the production of polypropylene bottles exceeds the average in the past few years, and the growth of this relatively small part will be relatively strong in a period of time.
The output of PP bottles showed an obvious doubleto-three-
The annual cycle model, and seems to have hit a cycle low in the first half of 2008.
So demand for these products should start to recover later this year.
After falling by 3% in 2007, this year\'s growth rate was 2%, followed by at least 5% in 2009. [Graphics omitted]
For polyethylene bottles, the outlook varies from end to enduse market.
Trend of liquid
Food bottles are highly cyclical and the market is currently at or very close to twice the level.
Low annual cycle.
The average growth rate in the past 10 years is close to 2%/year, but this is a mature market segment, so the average growth rate in the future may gradually decline.
After rising 1% to 2% in 2007, forecasts for 2008 increased by another 1%, followed by an increase of 4% in 2009.
The other two main markets for PE bottles are household chemicals, cosmetics and toiletries.
Demand for such products has remained stable or rising slightly in recent years, and these segments are often quite stable.
The main factor in the future trend of bottles supplied to these markets may be the result of regulations related to recyclability and recycling --
The resin content in the bottle is not a change in market demand.
Overall consumption will grow at a steady rate.
So, in general, the trend of plastic bottles will be more closely related to consumer spending.
This is not a bad thing because consumer spending will continue to expand in the long run.
In the first half of 2008, the growth of consumer spending was the lowest since 1995, but the direct decline in actual spending, which is from 1990-
A 1991 recession is unlikely.
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