plastic bottles build a desert home -

by:HongXing     2020-05-10
Fifty years ago, an art lover built a wall with empty beer bottles and mortar in a hut in the southern hills of Dublin.
The chimney breast is also enhanced (
And it may be)
This is a souvenir of the singing, storytelling and music nights of the exciting times of the 1960 s.
These bottles are not the traditional shape of Uncle Arthur\'s traditional brewing, but a designed squat bucket --of-the-
Now maybe only one day at the Brewery Museum.
When I read that a young Moroccan engineer was building the whole house in the desert with used plastic bottles, I remembered the bottle wall --
The waste of the Earth is being swallowed up.
Filled with sand, these bottles form a circular house that protects thousands of refugees from harsh factors that could rise to temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius, this makes it impossible for humans to take risks outside at any time.
Tateh Lehib Braica, 27, worked with a team in Tindouf, where there were about 90,000 refugees from Western Sahara.
His project began after graduating from college and he decided to build a home for his grandmother with sand in a camp --filled 1. 5-
Replace bricks with plastic bottles.
The wall of the bottle is assembled with a mixture of cement and soil and straw, which are insulated.
The circular shape of the House prevents sand dunes from forming during the sandstorm, white sand dunes
Spray painted exterior, reducing the effects of sun light up to 90 pc.
A double roof with ventilation space and two windows of different heights to encourage air
All this helps to reduce the temperature.
It takes about 6,000 bottles per house.
Tateh has been to the University of Algiers and the University of Las Palmas, and his idea of a plastic bottle house has been selected as a pilot project by UNHCR in Geneva.
So far, more than 25 houses have been built in five Sahara refugee camps.
He was naturally proud of his achievements.
He said, especially to make his grandmother \"very happy \")
His ambition is to build a home for every family in the camp. (
The story is more detailed, originally reported by Pablo M Costa of the main Spanish daily, the national newspaper, and later appeared in The Guardian).
Closer to home, Natalie Fei of Bristol, who has worked in the media, points out that 1 million bottles of plastic bottles are purchased every minute in the world, which is an incredible
Along with other enthusiasts, she started a campaign to collect empty bottles --
From Avon Bank-in order to re-
Use on local water dispensers.
Her business is known as Refill because of her compassion for birds and watched a movie about albatross chicks choking on plastic debris that contaminated the ocean.
Businesses with taps are close to \"signing up\" and so far about 200 have done so.
The idea is spreading in the UK, and some people in Dublin have expressed interest in it.
Plastics pollute every natural system on Earth, only half of the empty bottles are recycled, and few are used in housesbuilding.
The importance of plastic food containers has increased as plastic food container storage have become a must in our daily life.
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