Plastic bottle \'tax\' could be introduced to tackle waste

by:HongXing     2020-06-01
Ministers are considering plans to charge for plastic bottles as part of a blow to the landfill and waste entering the ocean.
Customers may be forced to pay an extra £ 10 or £ 20 for each plastic bottle or container they purchase, and if they return it as part of a deposit return plan, they will be able to take it back.
The idea has been tested in Scotland, where a 5 p plastic bag tax has been levied with Wales, and it is understood that ministers are evaluating the results of some pilot projects, see if similar projects can be implemented in the UK.
This programme has become popular in Europe, the United States and Canada.
Environment Minister Terris Coffey says the government is working on a new garbage strategy that can solve a problem
Use plastic bottles that do not belong to the family.
Asked by Conservative MPSteve Double how ministers plan to cut plastic on British beaches, she said: \"The consultation is done on a micro level
But there is a call for broader evidence that other plastics need to be dealt.
\"We are working on a new garbage strategy that will most likely solve the problem.
\"The secretary of state is personally interested in the issue and intends to set up an innovation fund to explore new ideas to address it.
\"A government source ruled out a uniform tax on plastic bottles similar to bag charges, but confirmed that ministers were paying close attention to the negotiated Scottish scheme.
It is understood that there are concerns about how much money it may take to set up a deposit return system in the UK and whether consumers will accept the idea.
Last year, research published by environmental psychology expert Elena Sautkina showed that since voters across the UK have become increasingly sympathetic to the idea of plastic bottle plans.
Her results show \"strong support\" for the plastic bottle deposit program grew from 33% to 39% in England, from 44% to 50% in Wales and from 25% to 34% in Scotland.
But Conservative MP Will Quince warned that the idea could punish consumers who are already doing the right thing because they would give them extra money for drinks and other household items.
\"We all want to improve productivity, but we have to be careful to punish those who are already doing the right thing,\" he said.
\"The vast majority of people have done their best, but the plan of this nature is not the reward plan, which is actually a punishment plan because you pay in the first place and only when you get the bottle back, you will get your money back at the end.
\"I don\'t know if people will do that, and many people will still put it in the loop box at home, and if so, it\'s just another tax.
\"Scotland\'s report on pilots has also raised concerns about how much money consumers will lose by not returning bottles, which could cost millions of millions.
In most cases, instead of getting the money back, people get coupons or prizes when they hand in the plastic, which leads to concerns that consumers may give up the plan.
But Samantha Harding, director of the garbage program to protect the rural movement in England, welcomed this.
\"Every year billions of bottles and jars are thrown away, damaging our wildlife and polluting the environment,\" she said.
\"After the positive effect of plastic bag charging, the next step is obviously the bottle deposit return system.
The success of the pouch charge indicates that people will support these plans.
\"The minister\'s comments are an encouraging sign of the government\'s commitment to reducing waste and pollution.
\"The introduction of the deposit return system is in line with the government\'s admirable ambition that we are the first generation to leave the environment better than we have found.
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