Philip Hammond to announce plan to tax plastic bottles, coffee cups and other packaging in next week\'s budget

by:HongXing     2020-04-30
The finance minister will announce plans to tax plastic bottles, coffee cups and packaging in next week\'s Budget, sources said last night.
Philip Hammond will use his annual statement on the economy to elaborate on plans to review \"single\" new taxes and charges
Use plastic products.
The move aims to stop the wave of plastic waste polluting our oceans and littering our streets and villages.
With the long term coverage of the Daily Mail, the decision to push for a new tax on disposable plastics
Carry out publicity activities to highlight the threats caused by plastic bags, cups, bottles and beads.
Sources from the Treasury Department last night said it\'s too early to say how any new plastic tax will work, or at what level it will set.
Hammond will ask scientists, manufacturers and retailers to submit evidence to the Treasury Department in the new year.
It may take several months to draft a detailed proposal.
But sources say the government is determined to take action on an issue recently highlighted by the popular BBC show Blue Planet II.
This is based on what we have done on plastic bags and beads, a source said.
Programs like Blue Planet highlight the need to take this issue seriously and take action.
The Ministry of Finance will have an impact on a variety of disposable plastics, including coffee cups, polystyrene packaging, foam packaging, plastic tableware and even straws.
It will cover materials that are easy to recycle, such as milk bottles and materials that cannot be recycled, such as disposable coffee cups.
The Environment Department is already considering whether to launch a plastic bottle deposit program to prevent people from throwing away plastic bottles.
But Treasury sources said Mr Hammond would also consider whether a new tax would be needed to solve the problem.
In the UK alone-
The plastic thrown away every year will fill the Albert Hall thousands of times.
It is estimated that 12 million tons of plastic waste are dumped in the ocean every year, causing the \"floating mainland\" of garbage \".
One in the Pacific is as big as France.
Environmental activists welcomed the move last night but urged the Chancellor to act quickly and decisively.
Mike Barrett, director of science and policy at WWF, said: \"plastics are choking our oceans.
No than we the natural world of more damage of example.
Any action to solve a single problem
It\'s a good thing to use plastic, but if we want to make the real changes we need to save the planet, we have to make sure that any action is truly ambitious.
Jeff Nott of RSPB said leaving the EU would give the UK an opportunity to step up further in terms of environmental protection.
\"It is impossible to see an animal get stuck or die by getting involved or swallowing the plastic found in our oceans,\" he added . \".
Tax on single people
Using plastic is a positive step in solving this problem.
Leaving the EU gives Britain the opportunity to build on the great progress that has been made.
Tisha Brown of Greenpeace UK says plastic pollution is a \"global emergency\" with particles in the stomach of whales, turtles and seabirds.
But she said cautiously: \"The Treasury\'s statement is just a statement of intent, but it recognizes the importance of the issue and the urgent need to address it.
\"There\'s still a long way to go, but hopefully it\'s the beginning of the end of singles --use plastic.
Behind the scenes, Hammond has clashed with Theresa May many times --
Budget until next week.
The Prime Minister has been resisting pressure from Mrs. May and the community secretary, Sagid Jawi, to release billions of dollars for a new housing construction plan, but there was news last night that he had compromised, and will announce important solutions to the crisis.
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