pepsico announces all-plant-based plastic bottle

by:HongXing     2020-05-26
This is an achievement of environment and marketing: using 100% of agricultural waste
You can then put back high quality plastic bottles in your existing recycling system.
\"This is over,\" said Alan heskowitz, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Conservation Commission.
\"This is the beginning of the end of oil --
Based on plastic bottles.
Pepsi announced on Tuesday that it had \"cracked the password\" and invented the world\'s first plastic bottle made entirely of plants --
Fully renewable resources.
At the molecular level, it is a clone of a plastic bottle made of resin pet today (PET).
The biggest difference is that oil is not needed to make this bottle.
Instead, it is made of renewable materials such as switch grass, pine bark and corn skin.
In the future, the company expects to use other materials such as orange peel, potato peel, oat peel and other agricultural by-products produced by its own food business, including product lines under the brand Frito
Lay, Tropicana and Quaker.
Pepsi\'s \"green\" bottle is an acceleration of an environmental arms race that will not only help Mother Earth, but also the profits of businesses. Coca-Cola Co.
The \"plant packaging bottle\" launched almost two years ago.
\"It is made of 30% plant materials, especially sugarcane waste. H. J. Heinz Co.
Tomato sauce maker said last month it will also use Coca-Cola\'s renewable bottlesCola. Coca-
Coca-Cola did not respond to a comment.
But Pepsi\'s bottles will be made of 100% of factory waste.
\"This could change their rules of the game,\" said Carol Phillips, professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame and president of brand amplitude at marketing research.
\"Every point makes sense in the Coke war.
This is a game of perception.
It can break the balance for at least a while.
\"Depending on how Pepsi uses eco-friendly bottles, it may be a marketing advantage,\" Phillips said.
Especially in this case.
Called millennials or Gen Y, it\'s soft-Beverage Company.
\"I think it\'s important for millennials,\" she said . \".
\"Everyone wants to have a green way, especially if they don\'t spend their money anymore.
Dennis Lefebvre, senior research director at Pepsi, said: \"The new bottle will be as strong and clear as the current bottle, and it is equivalent to the chemical of the current PET plastic bottle.
The breakthrough is to use plant materials to find the right fermentation process, said Lefebvre.
Polyethylene accounts for about 30% of the total weight when making PET.
This part has been commercialized.
Renewable energy of 30%
The Coke bottle is already in use.
What Pepsi has discovered is how to make the second part of PET from plant waste, terephthalate.
This is the remaining 70%, she said.
\"We are the ones who crack the code,\" said Lefebvre . \".
By combining these techniques, you can get a bottle made entirely of plants.
\"This space is emerging and we have been able to develop and integrate technologies to achieve this goal. \"gkarp@tribune.
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