People \'sleepwalking\' over single-use plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-04-29
Too many people don\'t change their way to minimize the environmental damage caused by being single
Use plastic bottles.
It was found in a survey by the UK to keep it clean and British, which found that more than five people did not use reusable water bottles or lost one and did not want to replace it.
Only 36% of people often carry reusable water bottles with them, and fewer than third (31%) people buy disposable bottled water ).
Of the 2,138 people surveyed by YouGov, more than half (55%) said they had a reusable water bottle, and 17% said they had a water bottle but did not use it regularly, 2% of people have never used their own.
At the same time, 3% of people lost reusable bottles and were too lazy to replace them. Alison Ogden-
Newton, chief executive of keeping the UK clean, told Sky News: \"We \'ve been sleepwalking in convenience and moving into a culture of what we want when we want it, the impact and consequences are not really considered and this has to stop.
\"I think our children will look back in horror at this moment and look back at how we behave.
\"We have to start a sustainable life and consider reintroducing the water dispenser.
\"The Borough Market is part of London and has done that --
Water bottles and water dispensers are prohibited.
David Matchett, development manager, told Sky News: \"I think we have to think about the next generation and the world they live in, and how we can create a better world for them, so, they don\'t look back on this generation and say, \"they don\'t care about us.
\"The choice of lack of water in the transport hub is considered part of the problem, and travelers (63%) out of nearly 2 out of 3 say they buy bottled water when traveling long distances, 27% of people may buy bottled water during lunch time.
Almost seven out of ten admit that they are not comfortable asking for a free glass of water or the top of the container without buying anything else in a cafe, shop or other business.
The survey found that 27% of people were embarrassed to refill the bottle even if they did buy something.
Most people also think there should be more free tap water in the UK.
Sarah Taylor, managing director of Brita UK, said that while many people are committed to solving plastic pollution problems, old habits are deeply rooted and \"troublesome factors\" tend to exceed environmental problems.
\"It\'s clear that we can all do more to help people exchange refillable bottles for good things and reduce their singles --
Use the plastic footprint, whether it\'s to reassure them about the safety of the water dispenser or to make it as easy as possible for them to replenish water while on the road.
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