Park Service to water lobby: No federal funding for plastic bottle bans? We\'ll find our own money

by:HongXing     2020-05-04
Now, Congress —
Under pressure from the powerful bottled water industry
Park Authority has threatened to cut federal funds and replace disposable plastic water bottles with recharge stations.
But even if that happens, the park authority said this week it will continue to encourage the park to stop selling bottled water even if Congress issues a decree.
Park officials say they have such strong support for these bans that they will act on their own with the help of friends and allies: A non-profit organization donated to the park project and a company that originally sold bottled water.
\"We believe there are a lot of workarounds,\" said Sean Norton, head of sustainable operations and climate change at Park Authority.
\"We are confident that our group of friends and franchisees will strengthen if this needs to be met.
\"The cost of buying, now installing and maintaining gas stations in about 20 parks can almost certainly come from a network of friends groups and franchisees that Park Authority has signed food sales contracts with the agency, drinks, gifts and supplies.
\"I feel very confident that these funds will begin to flow,\" Norton said . \".
David vs of park authority.
The Gelia station emerged during the stalemate between the agency and the $13 billion bottled water industry over Jonathan Jarvis, policy director four years ago.
Facing the overflowing trash can
He told 408 parks, national monuments and historical sites across the country that the cost of recycling and landfill is getting higher and higher, and that they can cancel the sale of disposable plastic bottles as long as they are refilled, with the sale of reusable bottles, they were replaced.
About 20 parks have accepted Jarvis\'s offer, including the Grand Canyon, Canyon, arch, Zion and Bryce Canyon, and more are being prepared, officials said.
Norton says the cost of gas stations ranges from $2,000 to $15,000, depending on how many pipes must be laid to the water source, which is usually a spring.
This spring, when the International Bottled Water Association, which represents about 200 companies, installed a complete
Court lobbying on Capitol Hill has blocked the park authority\'s latest efforts in sustainable development.
The industry has found allies among House Republicans, especially those in their region and state that own bottled water factories.
Representative: hard work may pay off.
Keith roseforthPa.
His state employs 6,800 employees at the bottled water company.
The House will revise a government appropriations bill this month.
The bill prohibits the park authority from imposing any ban on selling bottled water for taxpayers\' money.
Joe Doss, chairman and chief executive of the Bottled Water Association, said that even if the park authority can legally use private funds to pay for alternatives to bottled water, even considering the will to subvert Congress (possibly) should be careful.
\"My idea is that you certainly don\'t want to do what Congress says you don\'t want you to do,\" Doss said on Wednesday . \".
\"If a person is a Park Service officer, it seems prudent to see that if Congress has a clear sense, you have to take this into account and you will not do anything against it.
Contrary to what environmental activists think, the bottled water industry is a very small industry consisting of a very small home-run secondary industryand third-
On behalf of the enterprise, \"said Doss.
(Including companies with names such as deer park, Fiji and Evian.
Some of the largest food franchises at park authority seem to have their own agenda for sustainable development. At Denver-
Catherine terra, vice president of Catherine Green, director of sustainable development, called for some views.
\"When guests begin to come to these iconic places, there is no water or something in the PET bottle,\" she said . \" A packaged plastic that can be recycled to reduce the entry of garbage into a landfill.
Green said that Xanterra was hit by the economy in parks that no longer sell bottled water;
However, the company also worked with the Park Service to install the reinstall
Gas station as part of the contract.
\"Just like the controversy over paper and plastic bags, we want to minimize the carbon footprint,\" she said . \".
\"If the rider passes the [General Assembly], we will work closely with the park authority to ensure that we have the option to be as sustainable as possible.
Spokesman David Freireich said: \"Another franchise company, Aramark, has installed its own gas stations in six parks it operates, including Denali, Yosemite, Glacier Bay and the Olympics.
\"Instead of using plastic bottled water, we will launch alternative products such as re-sealable aluminum bottles, cans and cartons, water dispensers, water walls and gas stations.
\"As always, if congressional measures move forward, we will work with NPS and our partners to develop a plan to install future supplementary stations,\" he said . \".
Acadia National Park in Maine has been selling bottled water.
\"But if the park authority came to us and said, \'This is one of our top priorities, \'we would do that,\" said Stephanie Clement, director of friend protection at Acadia, A non-profit organization that raises funds for the park project.
Clement has his own ideas about the will of Congress.
\"They are responsible for funding and managing the park,\" she said . \".
\"I don\'t want them to be free from this.
\"In a complaint letter from the Bottled Water Association to Jarvis on April, it was alleged that the reduction in bottled water sales could\" adversely affect public health and safety \", tourists are encouraged to replace \"clean, healthy bottled water\" with \"less healthy drinks \".
\"Alex hefli, chief of staff of roseforth,\" No. federal-
For the latest Park Service program, Congressional funding measures say, \"it\'s legal if they can do it, it\'s okay.
But the basic problem is that if we think there is a garbage problem in the park, then they should ban franchising.
\"The records show that since 2011, the Bottled Water Association has spent about $510,000 lobbying lawmakers, and this year the National Park has become one of its biggest lobbying targets.
One place the industry may not have to worry about the bottom line loss is the Big Bend National Park in West Texas, which is a weather-beaten desert.
\"We don\'t have much water to supply,\" said Arlene Griffith, member coordinator of Friends of Big Ben National Park.
\"If we have a supply station, we may run out of water soon.
The park relies heavily on bottled water.
\"Griffith soon noticed the Park\" has an awesome recycling plan.
We are not a group of people who drink water with plastic bottles and throw them on the ground.
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