paper vs. plastic cups

by:HongXing     2019-10-18
Since the first paper Cup debut in the early 20 th century, disposable paper cups have come a long way.
Paper cups and plastic cups provide the convenience of openingthe-
You can spend without worrying about cleaning up.
Also, although their impact on the environment is not all positive, they help save water by eliminating washing needs.
Each type has advantages and disadvantages.
Historically, the use of paper cups began with the Dixie Cup invented by Lawrence Louren in 1907.
Paper cups have always been the main product of disposable cups, until 1970 seconds, the Solo Cup introduced the iconic red cup.
Nowadays, paper cups and plastic cups are everywhere.
In the past few decades, there have been extensive changes in the manufacture of paper and plastic.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the paper manufacturing industry increased by more than 300% from 1960 to 2007.
The plastic data showed a more striking contrast, with plastic production growing by more than 7,000 in the same period.
More than 1 million tons of paper were produced in 2007, including paper cups and plates, and almost all cups and plates were discarded.
In the same year, more than 800,000 tons of plastic cups and plastic plates were produced and most of them were thrown into the trash can.
One advantage of paper cups is that they can be biodegradable, which means that they break down over time without harming the environment.
However, plastic cups will not degrade over the years.
Due to the large number of cups produced, the impact on landfill sites is also a concern.
Considering that you can use any kind of cup in hot or cold drinks.
Paper cups usually have a layer of wax coating to increase their durability, but this waterproof material makes it harder to recycle paper cups.
Both paper and plastic cups can be made from recycled materials, which makes them a better choice of environment than traditional ones.
Recycled materials eliminate the need to obtain raw materials, thus saving energy.
Recycling also reduces the amount of waste in landfill sites.
According to Earth911.
Org, more than 80% AmericansS.
People can enter the recycling center or project.
Despite the recycling option, it is not usually recycled whether it is paper or plastic cups.
Plastic and paper cups are both economical and convenient for consumers.
When buying in bulk, one-time Cups cost a few pennies each.
When you eat on the go, you can use plastic or paper cups instead of taking the risk of the cup or glasses being broken.
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