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by:HongXing     2020-05-29
If you go to any department store to find food storage containers, you will find a wide range of products to choose from.
It\'s hard to decide which product is best for your storage needs.
In the past, many people were disappointed with the food storage containers they chose.
Maybe it\'s because it\'s not sealed well, maybe it\'s because it\'s discolored in a short time.
Well, I think it\'s time to spread the good news about OXO containers to keep you up to date on new technologies for dry grain storage.
OXO is a company founded in 1990.
Their idea is to bring new products to market through universal design.
They want everyone to use their products.
That\'s why they have developed a series of good grip POP containers.
These containers are airtight.
High space efficiency.
Their purpose is to make it easier for you to keep dry food safe and organize your pantry.
There is a button on the lid of each container that creates a seal with just one touch, and when you seal the container you hear a clear \"click \".
These containers are made of BPA-free and PVC-free clear plastic polycarbonate, they are not affected by the air, and for easier cleaning, their bullet covers are separated.
OXO containers give you a clear advantage as they allow you to organize your by storing the dry grain in a evenly sealed container and being able to see what each container holds
You can also see when you run low on certain dry food items.
These suits are equipped with several containers of different sizes and are ideal for storing dry grains in bulk such as flour, sugar, pasta, rice, etc.
Another problem that these containers prevent is errors.
These small animals with six legs love pasta and grain, so if you put it in the original container, they will most likely find it, once they enter your storage room, it\'s hard for them to get rid.
This may mean a lot of very good dry storage food needs to be thrown away.
These containers are perfect for any type of food storage as the covers make them very easy to use without worrying about the seal being too tight to open later.
They are easy to store and stack, no wasted space, make your pantry very organized and easy to find items.
They easily store grain, pasta nuts and leftovers, just cover them and press the button at the top.
These OXO Pop containers won the Red Dot Best Product Design Award in 2009 and 2010.
You can read the best reviews about OXO Pop storage containers in Cook\'s Illustrated magazine, and they compare them to the other five brands.
You can also read many positive consumer reviews on Amazon about these containers. com.
The simple magazine also published a good article about them.
Consumers say these containers, while expensive, are worth it because of their durability and how much you will save on wasted food relative to other storage methods.
My wife and I bought one and we liked them very much.
However, plastic food containers isn't the only producer in domestic, and many people feel that Shantou Hongxing Commodity Co., Ltd.'s service leaves much to be desired in terms of functionality and design.
Shantou Hongxing Commodity Co., Ltd. promises you that you will be satisfied with our service.
Our company is professional in manufacturing plastic food containers especially plastic food container storage.
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