Osheaga fan appalled by plastic bottles littering festival grounds

by:HongXing     2020-04-29
Lovers Juliana Young are excited to learn that plastic straws are not allowed at 2018 Music Festival.
Montreux calls it \"a step in the right direction \".
She was very happy to hear from others.
This includes an oil tanker that provides free drinking water for the festival, reduces the use of individual bottles, and encourages the use of reusable containers.
The initiative was jointly launched with the National Bank.
But Yang was disappointed to see \"lots of plastic bottles and cups\" littering on the ground in the park.
During the festival last weekend. The 20-year-
Students from the University of Edinburgh School of Architecture filmed the scene on Sunday, the last day of the three projects
And sent a picture to the Montreal Gazette.
Philip van den Brand, Evenko\'s public and media relations manager, said the culprit was the heat.
He said that when organizers learned that extreme heat warnings would be implemented at the end of last week, they decided that the security team would distribute bottled water on a large scale.
\"We did send a lot of bottles because the weather was too hot.
\"It is important to remember the safety and security of the festival --
The audience is the top priority of Evenko.
At the end of the day, we will do what we can to keep people safe.
On Tuesday, she said in an interview: \"This is Yang\'s third year in Osheaga,\" I have never stepped on a water bottle every two steps like this year. \".
It was particularly disappointing to see \"such an amazing amount of plastic\" as organizers promoted their efforts to make it more eco-friendly
Very friendly, she said.
\"People walking around are commenting that there are a lot of water bottles.
Yang said the current position of the five water stations is awkward, difficult to enter, and often long queues.
There are 45,000 spectators per day and more water stations are needed
Even if there is no heat wave, she said.
Van den Brand acknowledged the lineup but said \"it has a lot to do with the weather.
\"As in previous years, food suppliers in Osheaga are required to use packaging containers, cups and utensils, and some offer ecology
The concert participants paid a refundable deposit, he said.
In addition, some Ecology
Friendly bottles were distributed to gas stations for use, he added.
As in the past, waste sorting centers that encourage recycling and composting are in place, \"This is definitely something we want to add.
Although during the festival
The coordinator is \"very satisfied\" with eco\"
Van den Brand said we have been working consciously so far, \"We always want to be better . \". “Festival-
The audience is also responsible, \"he said.
\"There are 45,000 people on the playground every day.
We do a lot of work on garbage, recycling bins and compost, but I do think that\'s what everyone is trying to do --
Audience, give in, everybody. ”“Being eco-
Responsibility means taking concrete actions year after year to minimize the ecological footprint of our activities, \"Evenko said in a statement when the straw ban was announced on July.
The ban also applies to other summer festivals, including e-festivals.
Music festival in the Park
Friday and Saturday.
Townships in the east are much smaller than Osheaga, but this festival is known for minimizing waste.
In the four days of July, version 13 attracted nearly 2,000 people, with only 12 bags of garbage sorted
There is not even 100 grams of garbage per person.
Filled with 8 recycling bins and 5 compost bins.
When it comes to the festival, founder Ziv Przytyk said: \"We will not make a lot of garbage . \" The festival took place at his organic family farm.
\"There is almost no garbage.
But this is a process, he said.
\"You have to create a culture.
It happened very slowly.
\"What I\'m talking about is encouraging waste reduction.
I told people, \'Thank you for coming;
Please keep it clean.
\"Drinking water is free and people can bring their own bottles,\" he said.
Do not sell water during the festival.
Use, wash and reuse actual plates
About 200 people, says Przytyk.
There are also compost cups.
Przytyk and his brother began cleaning up the garbage in the third or fourth year of the festival.
There\'s one today.
Sorting party after the festival, separating garbage from garbage that can be recycled and sorted
There is free beer and food for anyone who is helpful.
Most of the things that make up garbage are not
Recycled food packaging, says Przytyk.
This item is recycled more than any other plastic bottle.
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