oiled goatskin lunch boxes?

by:HongXing     2020-06-22
Of course, the lunch bucket has gone a long way!
From the use of oily goatskin to the ability to buy accessories for lunch boxes!
In fact, there is no evidence that the oiled goat skin is used as a lunch box.
However, this is a little known (
But there\'s a good record.
In fact, the Persians used them as water transport as early as 3000 BC.
At some point, there is a good chance that they will be used as lunch boxes. What about the lunch box?
By the year 00 s, it was not a sign like today to show off favorite TV characters, comic heroes, or pop music --idols.
This is indeed a manifestation of poverty.
Those carrying lunch boxes said they just had no money to eat a warm and hearty meal. Is this true?
Just because they brought a lunch box, they didn\'t have a good meal?
There is no doubt that it is cold food.
Still, just because it comes out of the box and carries cold food doesn\'t mean it can\'t be full!
This is true even in the year 00 s.
There are so many choices today.
We don\'t even have to use bread anymore!
In the year 00 s, there were tortillas, various sandwich rolls such as hoagie, pita sandwiches, and even meat wrapped only with lettuce, what options did they have for those hearty meals?
Milk, cheese, fruit, meat and bread.
It doesn\'t sound so different from us.
It\'s actually a different world.
What makes their lunch better than ours?
So many things have contributed to this.
First, they ate homemade bread.
It is heavy, mainly because there is no real nutrient stripping from wheat before baking.
Bread itself is a great meal.
The meat is fresh because they kill the animal itself and no preservatives are added.
The fruit is most likely picked on the way to work or on the construction site.
Therefore, no chemicals were added.
The milk was freshly baked from cows or goats that morning, and the cheese was either on the farm or purchased from nearby neighbors. Oh, yes.
So many things not only make their meals more delicious, but also healthier than ours.
Although they must also have diseases caused by being too fresh (
For example, prior to the development of milk processing laws, deaths and diseases associated with salmonella in the year 00 s and the year 00 s)
Overall, I still think their food is healthier and more delicious.
We can have a lot of healthy things in our lunch box now.
Most of the time, we need to make sure that they are filled with love, full of nourishment, full of tenderness and care.
You can even buy lunch box accessories if you want!
I have seen items such as folding cutlery sets, hard plastic containers in sandwich shape, cloth napkins sets, containers with ice and containers with partitions.
Lunch boxes are no longer a sign of wealth or lack of wealth.
We are really far away from the oily goatskin water carrier!
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