ocean rescue: coca-cola backs plastic bottle deposit scheme

by:HongXing     2020-05-27
The largest beverage manufacturer in the UK told Sky News that plastic bottles should be sold with a deposit, which will be returned when customers bring back empty bottles.
Until recently, Coca
Coke sees deposits on bottles as a threat to its business.
But the company now says the household \"kerbside\" recycling has \"stalled\" and cannot get enough clean plastic to meet its environmental goals.
: Coca-Cola was asked to attend the Environmental Audit Committee of the House of Commons on Tuesday and will argue that the UK-
The key to improving the recovery rate and reducing littering is extensive deposit plans.
In an exclusive interview with Julian Hunt
President of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Europe Partners said: \"deposits will play a role in how we can improve packaging recycling.
\"There is no doubt that if we get a well
The system designed for everyone, and then the experience we get from other markets is that it improves the quantity and quality of materials collected
These two things are the key.
\"In Norway, which has a deposit system, 96% of beverage bottles are recycled into new beverage bottles.
Circular economy.
Currently, Coke\'s bottles contain 25% recycled materials from the UK\'s largest plastic processor cleaning technology company.
But it promised to double that figure by 2020 and needed to purchase an additional 10,000 tons of clean food --grade plastic.
In the UK, more than 225,000 tons of PET plastic bottles are recycled each year.
However, the number of new bottles produced is only 31,000 tons.
The rest is used for packing bundles and textile fibers.
But most of the rest was sent abroad as a mix of household recycling.
\"We think it\'s stupid,\" said Mr Hunt . \".
\"If we are all committed to creating a circular economy in the UK, we need more companies like us to step up, buy materials, create demand, and end the cycle.
Any deposit plan must be operated by the industry and supported by a legal framework to prevent the company from opting out, Coca-Cola said.
Smaller companies also need more support, the company said.
A major problem for companies that use reprocessed plastics is that local government contractors do not classify mixed recycling well.
The cleaning technology company said the plastic they bought should be 100% PET bottles.
But actually only 60.
70% is the material available.
Javed Mawji used to run a professional pet recycling company called London eco-technology.
Because the high pollution rate makes it uneconomical, it goes into administration.
We will find the car battery, the metal pole.
\"One is 3 feet long, even a shell,\" he said . \".
\"This reduces your processing speed, leads to breakage, and reduces the quality of the final product.
\"But the recycling industry is skeptical about the deposits on the bottles and believes that raising public awareness will increase collection on the roadside.
Stuart Foster, chief executive of recycling charity, said: \"We need to increase household recycling of plastic, not just beverage bottles, but other bottles, cans, bathtubs and trays.
\"Before we fully explore these opportunities, we need to be careful to adjust something very different and all the risks and costs that come with it.
\"The Environmental Audit Committee is currently investigating the potential role of the deposit plan in the UK.
The government also called for evidence on how to improve recovery rates.
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