no baloney: old lunch boxes now pack gourmet prices

by:HongXing     2020-08-17
(MONEY Magazine)
-Larry Aikins never ate a lunch box when he was a child.
But hey, it\'s never too late. Today the 56-year-
The old retired general contractor has 3,500, so he recently bought a new house in Athens, Texas to collect his collection.
Like thousands of \"Boxers\", Akins likes models made between 1950 and the age of 80 when steel replaced plastic as the preferred material for box makers.
Even TV and movie characters like Batman and Fonz can bring in $200 or more.
The Dudley Do Right box costs only $1962, less than $2,000.
There is also a rare Superman lunch box for about $1.
In 1954, the weight of kryptonite was worth it today and was $6,500 in its original state.
So check your attic.
If you still have an old box that has not been damaged by rust or petrified peanut butter, it may bring you a lot of lunch money. (
Look inside the box: the matching thermos will increase the value of most boxes by 50%. )
Heat: Limited edition based on short
Live TV shows, such as the 1984 Street Hawk, and the rarest box after TV Westerns and science fiction --fi shows.
In addition, boxes that attract people who collect other things, such as Beatles, Star Wars and Star Trek memorabilia.
No: re-painted metal lunch box.
Plastic boxes have been avoided until recently, but some adventurous collectors have also started picking them up. Entry level ($20 to $100)
: A box for young primary school students, such as a 1970 peanut line.
They are more affordable because they produce huge quantities and many people survive. Mid-range ($100 to $250)
: Most 1950 and 60-year-old of box intact such as value 1955 dollars of 150 Daniel in Boone box and value up to 200 dollars of 68-year-old Secret Agent Man box. High end ($250 to $550)
: Boxes from 1950 s to 70 s are for older teens, such as 1967 voyages to the bottom of the box, worth about $300, lost value in space in 67 years up to $400.
While the shows are hot in their teens, it\'s not cool to carry a lunch box, so it\'s rarely sold, and there\'s only a fraction left today.
Place of purchase: flea market, antique store, auction, garage sale and exchange of meeting resources: Picture price guide for metal lunch box and thermostat (L-
Book sales, $19.
In some shops of antiques and collectibles;
Or by email from author Larry Akins at Rte. 5, P. O.
Texas Athens 5174 mailbox 75751). --
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