No Ads, but Strong Sales For Electric Toothbrushes

by:HongXing     2020-07-09
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13, 2000 create a requirement and populate it.
If someone really understands the old adage, it must be John Osher.
From 1988 to 1996, as the founder and president of Cap toys, he said he sold 100 million spinning lollipops, and the sparkling lollipops rose like a flagpole on the battery --
When the button is touched, the power handle and the rotation on the tongue. Now, Mr.
Osher said he is trying to make up for it.
Using the same technology to help many happy kids tarnish their teeth, he created the cheapest plastic toothbrush on the market.
\"I feel guilty about selling so many sweets,\" he said . \"
Dr. Osher who.
John\'s Thorn brush costs about $5. 00.
\"I want to launch a really useful product.
\"P & G is expected to announce its acquisition today
Dr. Osher\'s company.
John products with undisclosed amounts. For P. & G.
Crest\'s manufacturer, the acquisition, introduced one of the fastest plastic toothbrush businesses to the company --
Growth in the oral care industry.
As the baby boomers start to age, prompting them to think more seriously about the life of their teeth, competition in the toothbrush industry is fierce.
Toothbrush sales are expected to reach $1.
2 billion, an increase of 20% over 1999, mainly due to manufacturers trying to find a middle ground between cheap plastic toothbrushes and their high-end electric cousins, which usually costs $100 or more.
Advertising economic brushes with racing lines, such as Gillette Oral-
Cross-trades released last year are now sold for $5 or more.
On the other hand, the price on hand of the new generation --
Like Colgate\'s active brush, the price of hand-held electric toothbrushes has fallen to $20 as manufacturers try to attract consumers willing to spend slightly more than the price of old toothbrushes
Old Toothbrush
However, in the large number of advertisements of these big companies,
The famous Rotary brush has become one of the best rotary brushes in the country
Toothbrush. -
Manual or otherwise--
According to the information resources company, after only a year in the store, a Chicago-
Market research company. Mr.
Osher said his 11-
Personal company located in Palm Beach Garden, Florida.
The company, built entirely around the product, is expected to have net sales of $50 million this year, about half of all Johnson & Johnson\'s toothbrushes and two toothbrushes.
This is P & G\'s third largest revenue in the field.
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The attraction of theSpinBrush, officials say, is its price, which is much lower than most other appliances, slightly higher
End of manual brush.
But given the many obstacles that small consumer goods companies face when buying products in stores, Dr.
John has a big market share.
As major US retailers continue to grow, they have almost become indestructible in addition to the largest manufacturers, who are able to supply stores worldwide.
This makes such a big sensation for a small upstart particularly unusual, especially when it has no money on advertising.
Gillette spent $16 in the first eight months of this year.
8 million promote its cross-cutting operations on radio and television.
Johnson & Johnson spent $11.
In the same period, it has 5 million on Reach Plaque.
Given that SpinBrush does not have ads, it is on the shelves of the country\'s largest stores from Wal-Mart, which can be surprising
Wal-Mart to Wal-MartEven Mr.
Source of Osher
He said he suspected that his efforts to sell toothbrushes might not be successful.
So every time he meets the retailer and shakes his hand and says goodbye, he puts a box or two of toothbrushes in a conspicuous place.
Through random selection of employees, the spin brush goes home with the retailer\'s sales representative.
More time, sir.
Osher said he received a call a few weeks later asking for a trial run.
The next hurdle, of course, is to convince consumers to buy products that they have never heard of produced by companies they don\'t know.
To clarify this, sir.
Osher uses what he calls a more sophisticated marketing technique: \"Try It\" sticker.
Ads attached to the front of each spin brush are bright yellow decals that invite curious shoppers to press the button and rotate the brush.
Sticker, sir.
According to information resources, Osher\'s days as a toy manufacturer help to sell nearly 129,000 rotating brushes a week.
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A version of the article appeared on page C00002, the national edition, in December 13, 2000, with the title: electric toothbrushes are not advertised, but sales are strong.
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