nigeria\'s plastic bottle house

by:HongXing     2020-05-15
The first house built in Nigeria with abandoned plastic bottles proved to be a tourist attraction in the village of Yerwa.
Hundreds of people
Including government officials and traditional leaders.
Let me see how these walls are built in the shape of a popular circular building in northern Nigeria.
Bottles full of sand are placed on their side, one on the other and tied together with mud.
\"I want to see the building with my own eyes, because I was surprised to hear that it was built with plastic bottles,\" said noohudan Gert, a trader traveling from the national capital Kaduna, to see the house.
\"They say in the market that it looks like magic and you will be surprised when you see it, that\'s why I\'m here to feed my eyes.
\"The whole world should come and see.
\"The real beauty of the house lies in its exterior walls, as the round bottom of the bare bottle produces a lovely design.
But for the people behind the project, environmental benefits are the most important. Twenty-
Five houses that will be available for rent are being built on this estate, donated by a Greek businessman and environmental activist. Each house -
Room, 1 bedroom, living room, bathroom, bathroom-
About 7,800 plastic bottles were used.
The \"bottle brick\" technology, which began nine years ago in India, South America and Central America, provides costs
Effective, environmental friendly
Friendly alternatives to traditional building bricks.
Yahaya Ahmed of the Renewable Energy Development Association of Nigeria estimates that the price of a bottle house will be 1 out of 3 similar houses made of concrete and bricks.
It is also more durable.
\"The compacted sand in the bottle is nearly 20 times stronger than the bricks,\" he said . \".
\"We\'re even going to build a three. Floor building.
\"The Bottle House is also perfect for a hot climate in Nigeria as the sand keeps them from the heat of the sun and helps keep room temperature low.
They are bullets because the sand is compactproof -
This may also prove another attraction in unsafe areas in the north.
Laid a solid concrete foundation to ensure the strong and stable structure
To make sure the sand is compact, we filter the sand.
\"You need to sift it out to remove the stone, otherwise it won\'t be very good and it won\'t be able to go through the mouth of the bottle,\" Dolly ugoch explained . \", He was trained in the bottle house building.
Some expressed concern about the amount of sand needed for the new house.
\"I am concerned that this construction method will increase the demand for sand and even lead to an increase in the price of sand,\" Mumuni Oladele said . \", A bricklayer in the southern city of Lagos \"at present, people are looking around for sand to build houses and dig for sand.
You can imagine what happens when demand for sand rises to build a bottle house.
\"According to market research firm Zenith International, most of Nigeria\'s water is sold in small plastic bags, but the company says the bottled water market is growing --
Accounting is about 20-
25% of official sales are equivalent to up to 500 liters per year.
This means that abandoned plastic bottles are actually popular in Nigeria because they are often used for storage or for street vendors to sell agricultural products such as peanuts.
The bottles of these houses are currently from hotels, restaurants, families and foreign embassies.
The program also hopes to help children who do not attend school get out of the streets.
\"I don\'t want to be a beggar. I want to work and get paid --
That\'s why I did the job, \"15-year-
Lao She Hu Osman who is working on the construction site.
\"When I get older, I want to build a house for myself with a bottle,\" he said . \".
Upon completion of 25 houses, the next construction project of the renewable energy development association will be a school located in the manor, and street children like Shehu will be able to participate.
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