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by:HongXing     2020-08-28
In the past year, the iPad 2 has become a big pillar of my daily life at night, just like my toothbrush.
I went to bed, read articles that might have been missed during the day, checked Facebook and Twitter, tried to beat my mom in the words of friends, and when I was traveling I watched several episodes of TV on the 9 th. 7-inch display.
In fact, I have never thought that my iPad screen is not good enough, and the performance is not fast enough;
In fact, as a technical critic, I have never thought that hardware is unusual.
It\'s also part of an amazing product like the iPad.
But Apple has been looking for ways to improve the world\'s most popular tablet in the past year. The new iPad (no number)
Better display, twice the resolution of the old model;
Faster A5x processor; a better 5-
The ISight camera;
Now Verizon and AT&T offer LTE options to go through the Web faster.
So, the new iPad, which starts at $499, is much better than the current $399 iPad 2?
With the proliferation of Android tablets, is the iPad still the best tablet on the market?
I only have one way to find: replace my bedside iPad 2 with the new iPad.
When the iPad 2 is sitting with the new iPad, you won\'t notice any differences unless you look at them from the side.
From this point of view, you may notice the new iPad.
03 inch thicker than iPad 2
This also brings the new iPad to 1 pound. 44 pounds: 0.
11 pounds more than iPad 2. (
The size difference is the result of a larger internal battery, but the battery below is larger. )
When I have the iPad 2 in my right hand and the new iPad in my left hand, I can tell the difference in weight a little, but, when I use the new iPad alone, I did not notice the increase in the weight of it.
However, the circular edge of the new tablet is more obvious and more comfortable than its predecessor.
Still, there are still lighter tablets, especially those with 7-
Inch display like Kindle Fire.
I prefer the size of reading in bed. handed use.
There are rumors that Apple may be joining the smaller tablet space, but there are only nine at the moment. 7-
Inch screen options.
When you turn on the display of both tablets, the difference will be clearer, especially when watching high
Define a movie, picture, or text.
Everything on the retina display is very clear with a resolution of up to 2048x1536.
I mean, it\'s more brittle.
Like a high definition TV in your hand.
In fact, it has higher resolution and more pixels than the latest hd TV.
It\'s hard to find words that describe the viewing experience.
The best way I can say is to switch from iPad 2 to the new iPad just like switching from standard definition channel to HD channel while watching football matches.
You will immediately notice how clear and vivid the stadium and players look.
Because the color saturation of the new display has increased by 44%, everything has become brighter.
Great graphics for all generations of iPads, what\'s amazing is their responsiveness to touch screen clicks and the mobility of navigation.
When you use the Kindle Fire or other Android tablets on the market, you realize that the iPad offers a rare and fluid experience.
The new A5x processor allows the new iPad to be maintained or even enhanced in some graphics-intensive applications such as games or movies.
In fact, the A5x processor provides four
Core graphics that produce some amazing visuals in the game.
For example, when I was making air rightsby-
On the new iPad and iPad 2, the graphics on the new tablet are clearer.
In this special Fighter game, when I tried to fly, I was actually distracted by the vivid skyline above and the clarity of the mountains below.
However, when it comes to web browsing, email or using the basic app, I didn\'t notice the performance difference for the new iPad.
In this regard, the new and old ipad provides a similar experience.
I am very unhappy with my iPad 2, which is the camera on the back of the tablet.
It has a lot of particles, sometimes-blurry images.
In fact, some people are very bad and I don\'t even want to share it.
New iPad 5-
The ISight camera solves these problems.
The photos I have taken in the past few days have left a deep impression on me. The auto-
The focus was fast and although there was no flash, the photos I took in lower light were good. (
This is a photo taken with the new iPad, a photo taken on the iPad 2 ---
You see, it\'s clearer. )
Overall, they are not as clear as the images taken by the iPhone 4S camera, but I don\'t think they have.
How often do you really want to hold 9. 7-
Do you take pictures of the viewfinder?
Can now capture 1080 p high
HD video, the video quality of the new iPad is much better than what I see on most phones.
However, the video file does take up a bit of space on the tablet, so if you plan to use it for heavy video use, it may be worth upgrading to a 32 gb or 64 gb version.
I would like Apple to allow you to take a video with a lower resolution on your tablet, but for now it just defaults to a higher resolution setting. The front-
Camera facing without upgrade is still perfect for video or FaceTime calls.
From a software point of view, the new iPad includes most of the features on the iPad 2, except for two things.
Apple has not yet launched voice Siri for the iPhone 4S.
The digital assistant is enabled on the tablet-but it does add dictation.
Now there is a small microphone icon on the keyboard.
Click on it and say your sentence and it will convert it into editable text.
To a large extent, this feature works very well and I didn\'t poke it multiple times with words like \"Spider phobia.
\"You have to connect to the Internet in order for it to work, though.
Another difference is the new Retina Display optimization app.
Many of the apps available in the App store have been adjusted for display, so images, videos, and text are displayed more clearly on the new screen.
Still, apps that don\'t update look great.
When we talk about apps, the iPad continues to offer the best option for tablet apps;
There are 200,000 in the store now.
Many of them offer a smooth navigation and a clean interface for an absolutely engaging experience.
In my opinion, the tablet is only as good as its app, which is why the Android tablet is simply not competitive.
Compared to overall selection and quality, the app for Android tablets becomes pale;
They are less notable in terms of design or usability.
I put together a list of my favorite iPad apps here.
Including Apple\'s new iPhoto, which allows you to edit photos on your tablet.
Apple\'s new iPad iLife suite, including iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand, has helped turn tablets into devices that can create content. They cost $4.
There are 99 each, but they open up the possibility of what you can do on everything
Touch screen equipment.
I expect Apple to update the iPad software next year.
As in the past few years, all iPad owners should be able to download the update.
I hope the update will slightly change the design of the OS to make it easier to work in multiple applications.
Also, the local alarm clock is great.
As the new screens and processors consume more power, Apple has increased the battery size inside the tablet, which has a slight impact on the thickness and weight.
The company claims that you will have a net battery life of 10 hours when connected to Wi-
Fi and 9 when connected to LTE.
I saw this in my own test;
When looping HD video on Wi-up, the tablet lasts 9 hours and 19 minutes
The Fi and brightness are set at 65%.
However, with the same settings, the iPad 2 lasted about an hour and a half during that Test.
You\'ll get less juice from the new iPad, but it\'s still charging longer than all the other tablets on the market.
Also, you\'ll get more juice in airplane mode, which means the tablet will allow you to fly from New York to Spain before passing through some.
On LTE, I got more than a full day of use, which is better than other LTE tablets and phones.
However, long battery life is the cost of long charging time.
The new iPad takes 6 hours from 0% battery to 50% battery.
The new iPad is now also available for LTE from AT&T and Verizon.
If you plan to use the iPad at home, you have Wi-
Fi, it is not necessary to spend at least $130 more on this version.
But if you take it out and use it, and find places where wireless connectivity can be challenging, you\'ll be happy that you \'ve chosen a more expensive tablet and a monthly data plan.
While testing the AT&T version, I enjoyed incredible speed, even faster than my home internet connection, with an average download speed of around 15 Mbps and an upload speed of 12 Mbps.
The website just popped up; for instance. ABCNews.
Com was loaded in just three seconds.
This is partly because AT&T\'s network is fairly new, so there are not many people accessing it;
However, Verizon\'s LTE network is also much faster than any 3g network.
Two full days after using the new iPad, I went back to iPad 2 last night.
The first time I noticed the hardware-the screen didn\'t look so clear or bright.
The text in my Twitter feed looks dull, the icons on the screen aren\'t that clear, and a episode of Grey Anatomy doesn\'t jump out to me the same way.
That\'s what Apple has done on the new iPad.
Even if it is slightly heavier, the battery life will be reduced, and it is not a thorough overhaul of the previous generation, and the biggest changes will affect the most important part of the experience.
It changes people\'s sight and destroys other screen experiences.
While I suspect that most tablet users will not find new screens, improved cameras, and other tempting things enough to replace their iPad 2 with new tablets ---
Unless they\'re going to sell it or pass it on to someone else. -
If you buy a new tablet on the market, the new iPad is manual
This is the best choice.
In terms of the entire user experience and hardware, the competition for Android simply does not match Apple\'s competition.
Windows 8 shows a lot of promises, but Microsoft has yet to announce when it can be used on a tablet.
In any case, it is hard to imagine that the game will catch up soon.
Oh, what would a tech and gadget critic like me choose after two full days of using the new iPad?
Well, this new screen is enough to make it my only bedside tablet.
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