my plastic bottle greenhouse

by:HongXing     2020-04-24
Plastic bottle greenhouses and other ways to recycle easy bottles. . .
How did I build a greenhouse with plastic bottles, recycled wood and old fence posts.
How it\'s done in structure and gardening, what\'s growing inside it, what\'s changed, or falling off it.
There are links to other ways to use plastic bottles.
I \'ve re-organized so the update is listed as the latest first one so it\'s easy to catch up.
How did I build a greenhouse?
Or how to ignore the instructions and get away with it!
First of all, I am from the Earth spacecraft Fyfe (see link below).
I then started to collect the parts, namely: Fenceposts, rather thick wires, and of course empty 2 liter plastic bottles.
For this I turned to Freegle and after 6 months I had a bin liner full of plastic bottles, some fences and I bought some garden wires from ebay and Wilkos.
While I was still collecting the bottles, I started working on what I had, including removing the labels from the bottles, cutting the bottom and stacking them together.
I initially put most of them in 3 \\\'s because they then put them back nicely in the bin liner, but some people use bamboo poles in my garden to see how they will be in winter
The actual construction started once the really cold weather stopped and I was happy to work outside.
First, I sorted out which fences I had and worked out a rough plan for the shape of the greenhouse accordingly.
Decide on a sloping roof as I only need a drain.
Next is to assemble the frame together with the odd length fence post I salvaged, and then I start to stretch the support line around the wood frame.
This is done in the layer that wraps the wires around each pillar to give the bottle a pair of wires that can be slotted (see photo\\\'s)
After that, it\'s just a case of slotting in a pile of bottles (
Top down so any water will drain the bottom of the bottle)
Dig the bottom of each pile slightly into the soil and use this to leave a little room at the height of the pile, with an uncut bottle at the top of each pile.
Finally, add wire ties to tighten the support line around the stack at random intervals.
The last section was the roof, and then I finally made a frame for the door, hung and stacked it.
I can\'t do it too badly because it\'s still standing up after almost 4 years!
It\'s been a while since November 2014, but the exchange from Squidoo to hub pages has taken me a while to figure out how hub pages works. .
It was a good summer, not too hot, not dry and the distribution was good --
Except for the pumpkin and zucchini I hate the most. .
The greenhouse is still running and the tomatoes are doing well.
There was no disease this year, so it wasn\'t until October that I cleaned out the tomatoes and made some chili sauce.
I have tomatoes in my garden and I have to pick them before the first frost!
I do have some maintenance work to do when the door falls, but other than that, it should be able to see the winter and get ready for the tomatoes next year.
May 2014 is a wet and warm month, so the greenhouse tomatoes have been doing well all the time.
Unfortunately, outside has always been a utopia for sluslu and snails and most of the seedlings I plant --
All zucchini and pumpkins
I have eaten.
Sweet corn, however, did a good job.
In the meantime, the roof plastic has started to tear slightly at the edges, so I\'m patching it with waterproof tape --
Although it had spent two winters in good condition, it did not do very badly.
No tomatoes in April 2014!
The tomatoes I planted at home are now in the bag in the greenhouse.
Last year, I planted it directly in the soil, so this year I resumed the growth bag without mud coal.
I planted some melons in front of me (failed hotbox)
Cucumbers and tomatoes are side extensions without a roof.
As my solar power generation at home shows, the weather has been fine for the past few weeks --
So far this year, every month is the same as last year.
All I need to do now is grow!
February 2014 is wet, wet, wet. . .
We were in 2014, when I was typing, the winter outside was raging and the rain slapped the windows, but the plastic bottle greenhouse was still going on!
It\'s showing its age now, but it\'s just on wood products.
About 5 years ago I built it with recycled pieces, bags and many plastic bottles.
Of course, in February 2009, once I have built the frame, I will spend the evening cutting the bottle and preparing to slot in place.
The door is almost out of the hinge, at least one fence for the door frame has sunk about 6 inch, so the door frame is no longer together and the door itself is separated and inappropriate.
The wires on the roof are very corroded and may need to be replaced before breaking, however, if only the wind and rain hit for a day or two, I can\'t fix this in the morning.
So for those of you who read this for the first time, those of you who have been following me have said something to me when I built it that is certainly not true. . . .
\"The bottle lasts only 18 months at most \"-
I\'m not sure if this is really a good thing, all the original bottles are still 5 years from now and a few years from now I haven\'t noticed any Brits or anyone else stopping them from going there.
Of course, there are a few more bottles now, and the chips have \"relaxed\" a bit over time, but I just added more bottles to the top to fill any gaps.
\"What a waste of time you won\'t know\", see above!
This is combined with my crafty wood products/DIY skills.
\"The bottle will release toxins and poison you\", maybe so, but as far as we know, my family and I are still here and in good health.
And some are absolutely true. . . . .
The greenhouse is cheap.
I collect bottles from friends and relatives and bottles from bikes and bins.
Of course it takes time to clean and cut bottles, drive to collect bottles from people\'s sheds and garages, look for fence posts and plan to reinstalluse.
However, money has not been spent in large quantities.
I bought the wires, some screws and nails, and since then I bought two pieces of plastic cloth for the roof. It works!
Of course, it won\'t be hot inside, but it won\'t be as cold as it is outside.
Yes, there is indeed a wind between the bottles, however, ventilation is important! It Works!
I plant tomatoes, carrots and lettuce in it every summer for the winter to grow early crops in the second year, and early strawberries have been planted on shelves.
It has done its work and will continue to do so! (
If the rain stops. . . )
Summer is coming in September 2013. . . Well. . . .
I haven\'t spent much time on funding this year.
Too much golf!
Everything is fine, though.
The greenhouse has the biggest tomatoes I have grown there, although no growling bags are used, and barely watered, except for the height of the summer, and then every few days, although they are just beginning to mature.
When they are mature, I will try to stick the lettuce inside.
The greenhouse itself began to wear out-
Not the bottle itself, but my craft! . . . .
The door falls off the hinge and usually falls apart
I will have to patch it in the next few weeks.
It has been a while since July 2013. . . .
I\'m still using the greenhouse, but I haven\'t had time to write it yet.
Early lettuce is a little late this year.
At the beginning of this year, the weather was extremely cold, although it has now become extremely hot!
I took a lot of lettuce and broad beans from the greenhouse, and a few strawberries on the shelf --
Although it has become so hot in the last few weeks that the top shelf is dead.
I made a mistake of not putting the tomatoes in the planting bag again, which resulted in the greenhouse growing much slower than usual.
Although the door is falling off, the plastic support on the roof is very good
My baby finally gave up so I need to rebuild the door at some point.
But in general, it still exists.
It\'s just that I\'m rarely there.
Mail January 2013 has entered another year, with nearly 4 greenhouses!
Since peeling off the tomatoes in September, I haven\'t really done anything in the greenhouse.
Lettuce has no effect in recent years
Probably because the plastic roof survived this year, and I didn\'t get into the water.
However, the first sign of growth is happening, and the broad beans I planted in November are beginning to show up.
Once the snow is gone, I will start eating some early lettuce.
Also, I need to start eating tomatoes at home later this year.
The bad weather continued in September 2012, but the harvest of tomatoes was still good.
There was no wilting this year, so the greenhouse was still full of ripe tomatoes because I had waited as long as I could before cleaning them up and growing winter lettuce.
I finally added the side extension wall so the sides are now surrounded with bottles
Except for the water butt on the road, it has a net on the roof and the front is open.
I planted some cabbage, cauliflower and kale there today, so they should come faster in spring.
In August 2012, although I ignored the distribution and greenhouse this month, tomatoes began to mature at the end of August.
Everything else allocated is just weeds, but the greenhouse continues to impress me as I only water tomatoes once or twice a week and they do a good job.
My usual winter lettuce is planted in the flower pot at home, but I don\'t have much hope for them to enter the greenhouse, because my last few batches of lettuce seedlings have nothing but the nose slug worm food.
July 2012 is wet, wet, wet.
It was a rather tragic year since the end of June, the wettest July and in Britain for many years.
It is just that the growth is not good, the level of light drops, and the rainfall increases greatly.
However, the greenhouse still stands with tomatoes in it.
There are no tomatoes yet, but the tomatoes in my family have just arrived there.
This picture is Peter and I yesterday (4)
Go to the distribution place under the sun and see what we can pick, but find ourselves hiding from the sudden pouring rain in the greenhouse.
However, Peter found a carrot in the growling bag, so he was very happy. . .
June 2012 is not until the end of June, but I think I can safely say that it is a wet and dull day.
A large number of sluslu and snails mean that the distribution is not very effective this year.
In addition to the large amount of rhubarb, the attack of the gastropod did not survive much.
However, the greenhouse is still running and the tomatoes finally look like they are starting to blossom, at least inside and the tomatoes that extend outside look very sorry.
The \"cloche\" in front has melon seedlings that have survived so far, but I don\'t have much hope for them to produce any melon!
May 2011funny be an interesting month, the weather is wise, the Sun and the wind, there is a little rain and the soil is not wet at all.
The greenhouse didn\'t do very well, the tomatoes looked overgrown and I was wondering why I didn\'t use the growl bag as I did before.
It doesn\'t matter though. I have a lot of tomatoes in my garden.
I will try to put something else in the extra space in front of the overgrown tomatoes, hoping the cucumbers will do better. . . .
From April to April, there was not much done in the greenhouse.
Britain has recorded the wettest weather ever.
May doesn\'t look good, because while it\'s not as humid as it was in April, the temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius below average and the light level is lower than usual.
The lettuce in the greenhouse has been emptied, so I transplanted the rest of the uneaten to the outside --
It\'s a bit crazy to hide a dozen lettuce under the miner\'s lettuce.
The Roar bag is already in (
Last year was direct in the soil, so returned to the growing bag this year)
And tomatoes.
The exterior extension of the front and side is ready for melon and cucumber
Suppose the cucumber seedlings start to grow, a new experiment this year.
The good thing about the weather is that there has been no frost for weeks, so don\'t rush to cover up potatoes etc.
We only need a little more sunshine now.
Since Tom\'s home is there, I need to add a piece of plastic to the roof to prevent them from getting too wet, but I\'ll leave it back until I get back from my half-term holiday.
From a maintenance point of view, the roof looks like it needs to be clean and it\'s a bit green and brown on it, but I\'ll wait until a sunny day to fix the problem.
From the weather of the month, a non-seasonal warm month is a beautiful month, so I did a lot of things in the distribution area and the greenhouse was good.
Lettuce, which has been hidden there since October, has begun to grow at non-seasonal warm temperatures and offers a large number of supermarket free salads.
On sunny days, the temperature in the greenhouse is 10 degrees Celsius warmer than outside, and the worst is 3 degrees Celsius warmer. So all is well.
Structurally everything is fine, I have folded a few bottles together and in the winter the bottles have sunk a bit to each other, but nothing big.
The \"cold frame\" in front of the greenhouse I started last spring now has a mesh cover and I haven\'t had time to make the cap yet.
The side extension has half a wall and I will add the mesh wall and roof once the purple sprouted broccoli is finished.
So far, the OpenCL doesn\'t look very good, but I\'m going to add the tomatoes to the greenhouse.
On February 2012, I started the extension section today, with wind-proof forest on the side.
I\'m not entirely sure what I\'m going to do there, but it looks like I might have a half-high bottle wall, net roof and top on the side.
The front-end cloche is also in danger of completing it quickly.
It may change as I move forward.
Lettuce began to have life again, and the temperature inside was about 5 degrees Celsius higher than outside.
January 2012 plastic bottle shed for the fourth year!
It\'s been 3 years since I built the greenhouse in April, and although other grant holders and none of me are skeptical about the skilled construction of the framework, it still exists.
The good weather today means that I will allocate it for the first time this year.
The January sun lit up the greenhouse and looked great.
Despite being in a windy place, it is well protected against the weather.
I had to shake the bottle on the door again today because a couple had blown it out, but it was only because the latch was broken and the door was beating in the wind and might need to add some bottles and bottles around, since the stacked bottle does sink slowly and leave a little gap at the top, it is not blown away and the bottle is not significantly degraded (
I was told they would only stay outside for 12 months).
Overall, I am still very happy with this, and if the weather continues, I will add the \"cloche\" to the front in the next few weeks and re-create the side extension wind forest.
I can\'t wait to start planting this year and I do need to start growing some tomato and pepper seeds from home.
Lettuces is back to normal again there, and it shouldn\'t be long before they get back to life, and we can give garden lettuces a break.
The temperature continues to be about 4 degrees Celsius above the outside (
Although the door is open! ):)
August 2011, August is almost gone, the weather is more like
In September, however, overall, the distribution of greenhouses was good.
When the tomatoes hit the roof, they were curling and starting to mature --
Usually by this time they will have a disease and I will make green tomato chutney.
It\'s still great in structure.
I haven\'t been to the side extension yet-
Maybe in autumn.
Update 3rd we are only now until September and I realize I forgot to report the temperature.
The greenhouse seems to have been 3-
Depending on the wind, 5 degrees Celsius warmer than the outside (
The bigger the wind, the bigger the difference)
Tomatoes are slowly maturing and, despite a poor start, it\'s easy to be the best year for greenhouse tomatoes.
I am not bothered by the disease and it helps me a lot.
When the disease happens, I usually have to pick a lot of green tomatoes, which can mature themselves this year and are the biggest tomatoes I have grown there.
The downside is that I can\'t put my winter lettuce in until the tomatoes come out!
October/November 2011, it\'s been a while since I updated. . . Well. . .
There are not many things happening now.
Since the release of The Septembers post, what I have done is to remove tomato plants, plant large amounts of lettuce and cabbage in the greenhouse for the winter, and provide me with early salads next year.
Although I will most likely pick them in winter if the weather stays mild.
I may get an extension at some point. . .
But while the weather is fine, my new obsession with disc golf is eroding my allotted time.
September 2011, September is almost over, but it\'s over with the heat wave.
Today is 27C in the greenhouse, 23C outside.
Tomatoes mature well and are easily the best year in the greenhouse, despite my early doubts.
Because I haven\'t cut it off the side or anything you\'re going to do with tomatoes, it\'s a bit crowded there, they even grow out of the side and the roof, between the bottles
The plastic film has started to fall off as usual, but it has done summer work to prevent the interior of the greenhouse from getting too wet.
Once the weather drops to the seasonal standard, I will take out Thomas and collect the winter bamboo shoots grown at home.
The weather is really good this week.
On June 2011, the weather was still very changeable, there was not enough rain to wet the ground, and there was not enough sunlight to make the plants really take off.
In the greenhouse, tomatoes continue to not do well and I really have to use the growl bag again next year!
But they are getting a little better.
I now have a thermometer in the greenhouse and a thermometer outside so I can compare the temperature.
July 7-
When I took the thermometer out, it was 17C, 21 outside.
5C is in the greenhouse, mainly because I think it is wind-proof because it is windy outside.
Every time I go down, I write it down, hoping to figure out what the greenhouse will be like.
Update: I have been monitoring the temperature for a few weeks and it can be said that the greenhouse temperature is usually 3-
5 degrees Celsius higher in the sun than outside.
April 2011 is a sunny month. Now we just need to rain. . .
Everything in the distribution is busy growing, and at home I have a lot of seedlings waiting to be distributed.
The greenhouse is still fighting against recent winds.
I have now added plastic to the roof as I did last year to prevent the roof from getting too wet (
If it rains. . )
Even though all my cucumber seedlings have been eaten and the lettuce that has passed the winter is slowly picking, the tomatoes are still inside.
There are also two wooden boxes containing potatoes (in the aisle)
I will eat soon.
My assigned neighbor asked me last year that she could see what was inside so people were still curious. . .
I haven\'t had time to postpone it yet, but I hope to postpone it in the summer.
At the end of the month 201all can also.
I tried to turn one end into a hotbed outside but didn\'t succeed.
There are more and more things in the hotbed, just not hot.
I made some bottle replacements due to the sinking and when I approached it I made a side extension.
Good ticking along-
Lots of lettuce. . . .
I can\'t wait to put the cucumbers and tomatoes in there, but I will boycott them now.
It spent another winter in February 2011.
Although the wind was great today, the walls just moved a little and did not collapse.
I do need to replace some of the bottles as the pillars have sunk a bit so no longer reach the frame at the top, so, when I remember, I will redo the top of the bottle.
The lettuce I put in the fall did a great job, and I will give me some early salads once spring arrives.
September, October, remains.
The plastic cloth on the roof is broken and gone, but it doesn\'t matter for the winter as I want the rain to come in and water the lettuce.
The tomatoes have been cleaned up.
The boy did these roots for a long walk and went straight through the bottom of the growling bag and into the ground soil.
Lettuce seedlings were planted in winter, so the greenhouse was set up for another winter.
Updated on June 2010. . . .
There are usually many kinds of growth, and there are tomatoes in the greenhouse --
This year I tried to be a little more on them and a little less planted so they wouldn\'t be too crowded --
Cucumbers, peppers and eggplants, and carrots in bags and boxes.
The new roof cover is still on and the water ass is full enough water and I find that the tap is not working but at least the roof and gutter are full. July and August. . .
Pick a lot of fruits and vegetables because of the availability of crops such as lettuce, raspberries, blackberries, zucchini, pumpkins, beets, French beans, potatoes, onions, beets and leeks.
In addition, the greenhouse is now producing healthy tomatoes and some carrots.
It still holds itself, and the only fault is that the plastic sheets on the roof start to break in the wind.
Progress things grew rapidly in March 2010, and sofa grass blossomed everywhere. All ok still.
Carrots and potatoes grow well in the greenhouse, and there are a lot of seedlings and lettuce that sit there all winter.
This is a great place to work outdoors and worth building last year.
Structurally everything is fine and the roof is no longer collecting water in the bottle.
Once I put the permanent crop of these years there (
Tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers, I\'m going to put a piece of plastic on the roof so that the water doesn\'t fall in when it rains because it was too wet last year, but now it keeps the seedlings watering.
The progress of February 2010, we have had more than a year to build the greenhouse, it still exists and is used.
These bottles stand well in the face of winter wind, rain and our inches of snow in January.
So I look forward to filling it up and making the most of it in spring and summer.
The progress is good in October 01. I am still in the distribution of greenhouses.
The roof was completely renovated, the vegetables were available in the winter and everything looked good. . . .
Progress 13/09/09its is still there. . .
Several repairs have been done, the roof bottle poured over to stop the water collection inside, and some strange frames and doors collapsed due to the poor carpentry I repaired.
There\'s still a lot of stuff growing there, though, with a couple of cucumbers walking along, and a bunch of lettuce and cabbage seedlings I\'m going to grow there, as well as a couple of peppers and an eggplant.
At the same time, as \"not a playground\" I have been on probation at the Grant office and I have to take down the slide and do all the finishing work I have always wanted to do for months
Although the secretary of the website announced that the greenhouse is a thorn in the eye, it still looks good. . . .
I have to wait another week to see if they dumped me!
Progress report what happened in greenhouse 10/07/09.
Well, it\'s basically covered with tomatoes and they \'ve reached the ceiling and it doesn\'t look like it\'s going to stop.
Structurally my DIY skills are being shown as the doors have spread and the roof is still full of water
I am going to pierce the bottle to let the water flow out, but I need to use a hot nail or an equivalent tool because I can\'t pierce the bottle with a knife, but I always forget to take these things to do it.
From the temperature point of view, it did a good job and was warm at 5.
At 30 this morning, it was too warm until around eleven o\'clock A. M.
Please see the picture below.
Progress report what is up in May 22, 2009 and what is down. . .
It\'s still there, it\'s a good start.
As you can see in the new photo, my tomatoes and cucumbers are doing a great job.
However, the eggplant has succumbed to the nose slu worm.
I was busy sorting out the rest of the allocations and building a playroom so the greenhouse could be used by myself.
The biggest problem at the moment is the roof because the idea I put the bottle neck down is great on the wall, but a big puddle is formed in the roof bottle.
So at some point I will have to get the roof out --
About a row at a time, pour the bottle over.
Hopefully this will solve the problem as the water drops between the bottles and the bottles gather around the neck at this time. Hows it doing?
What\'s going on in the greenhouse now? . .
It\'s been a few weeks now with tomatoes, eggplants and cucumber plants, and a lot of seeds, and so far they look good (
Not so cold though)
The immediate impression is that it is much warmer there than it is outside, it is at a fairly large wind point, so there is a big difference as long as it gets rid of the wind, in addition to the fact that it is watered by itself. .
I mean, the sewer is pointless when all the rain drops off the roof --
Water the plants so it\'s not a problem but it\'s not a good place to dodge. . . .
From the point of view of the wind, it stays well, walls and roofs move around and squeak in the wind, but nothing has been blown out so far.
Overall I was impressed and the next step could be the cold frame as I still have a lot of bottles in my garage.
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