my microplane can do the job of four kitchen tools

by:HongXing     2020-05-19
Test Kitchen selection: Food Net kitchen staff share they can\'t live without kitchen tools
Whether at work or at home
Also, they use their tips and tricks like professionals do.
When I first moved to New York City five years ago, I quickly understood the challenges of living in a small studio apartment.
The coffee table has become a table (
Don\'t even ask questions about the restaurant)
, The oven is really an extra shelf for paper tray and baking tray, all dishes are washed by hand as the lower cabinets occupy the main dishwasherestate.
Because of this, every dish I make at home has to meet three requirements: less ingredients, less equipment, and ready in 45 minutes or less.
To make this happen overnight, there are some kitchen tools that I can\'t leave without, including my micro-aircraft Rasp Grater.
A kind of micro-plane cutting machine (
Or micro-plane)
It is most commonly used in the fine division of citrus.
While I like to use it for lemon and lime, I find it equally useful for removing fresh aromatic substances such as ginger and garlic (
Completely eliminate chef\'s knife)
For dried spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon (
Anyway, who has the spice grinder? ).
The hard cheese is also ideal because the fine and fluffy pieces are perfectly blended with sauces and vinaigrettes, unlike the large pieces in the box grinder.
Even chocolate strips can run smoothly on micro-planes, so you can easily rank high in drinks and desserts without pulling out the vegetable peeler.
By simply using a micro-plane to do any of these tasks, I eliminated the terrible cleaning of the chef\'s knife, spice grinder, box grinder and vegetable peeler.
I told you this is an underrated tool.
The famous miniature aircraft is made by high
High quality stainless steel.
The ergonomic handle can also be easily fixed to a bowl or cutting plate, and the Anti-Slip End provides additional stability.
Microplane produces a variety of models, including versions with dishwashers
The safety handle, as well as the Master Series with stylish wooden handles, is perfect for displaying in your utensils.
Plus, my mini-plane is supereasy to clean.
Soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes and then run under fresh water until it is clean.
If you need some extra help to remove the fiber material like ginger, wipe it in the same direction as the teeth with a strong sponge (
Can\'t see broken sponge! ).
Dry with a kitchen towel and in the same direction you can go!
I have a great company at the micro aircraft fan club.
There are more than 2000 comments and 4. 5/5-
Star rating on Amazon, micro aircraft manufacturers are essential
Your kitchen.
While it\'s not the cheapest device, it\'s totally value for money and will continue a culinary adventure for years.
Amanda Neil is a chef and food writer living in New York.
She is a recipe tester for the Food Network Magazine and is responsible for assessing the accuracy, taste, and suitability of the recipes for consumers and brands.
She attended the University of Kentucky, where she received a bachelor\'s degree in English and Communications, and then graduated from the classic culinary arts program at the International Culinary Centerto-
Table concentration.
If she is not in the kitchen, she will have a good time with her Boston Terrier Roxie.
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