mumbai: suburban stations to get 68 more bottle crushing machines

by:HongXing     2020-05-24
Both the Western and Central Railways will be installing these bottle crushing machines at 50 different suburban railway stations.
Dealing with plastic bottles is no longer a problem.
The Indian Railway will install 68 bottles of powder machines at railway stations.
This is when Brihanmumbai Municipal company removed the machines from the sidewalk.
Both the Western and Central Railways will be installing these bottle crushing machines at 50 different suburban railway stations.
\"We will be in 17-
18 different stations, \"confirmed SK Jain, division railway manager (Mumbai)
Central Railway.
This means that there are two such machines at each station.
Similarly, the WR authorities will install 25 minders.
There is one at each train station.
Sources say they will start at the train station where the maximum passenger traffic is recorded.
These are more than 2-
3 lakh commuters per day.
About 70 rupees per machine
75 lakh and tender will be held soon for the installation works.
Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation of India (IRCTC)
Four of these bottle crushing machines have been installed.
There are two main stations of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, one for church doors and one for Mumbai Central Station.
According to the source, IRCTC will receive a total of eight bottles of powder machines, including the above four, and divide them into WR and CR.
Last year, the railway installed 10 such machines at different stations, however, they were removed due to contractor problems.
They recycled 6 lakh plastic bottles in 11 months.
The Bottle Crusher is important as the Indian railway supplies the \"rail network (bottled water)
To the train station
Standing in a huge 1.
Ambernath\'s bottling plant, which offers 80 liters of bottled water, is the largest cargo transported by Indian Railways.
At present, passengers either purchase 1 liter of railway Neer bottles or use an automatic vending machine that provides water for plastic glasses.
The central railway needs 45,893 liters of water, while the western railway needs 37,447 liters of water.
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