morrisons trials plastic bottle return vending machines

by:HongXing     2020-05-21
Morrisons is trying out vending machines in some of its stores to allow shoppers to recycle individual
Use plastic bottles.
Customers can save up to 20 bottles per day, in return, customers will get points to spend in the store.
The machines are on trial for six months at Skipton, North Yorkshire, and Lindsayfield branches in East Kilbride, South Carolina. The Bradford-
The company says it wants to reduce its impact on the environment.
Read more Yorkshire story machine will accept all plastic bottles with bar codes and Morrisons
No brand bottle.
The plan follows a range of initiatives by Morrison to reduce the use of plastic by customers, including re-introducing brown paper bags for loose fruits and vegetables, and allowing shoppers to use their own containers for meat and fish.
Julie Kirby, a friend of the Earth, said the move was a \"welcome move\", but if supermarkets want to be greener, they need to do more to reduce plastic
\"If we are going to end the scourge of plastic pollution that destroys our wildlife, in the end we need to phase out all plastics except the most important ones.
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