morrisons is testing a plastic bottle return reward scheme in some stores

by:HongXing     2020-05-21
Morrison added stakes in the plastic war when trying out deposit return plans in some stores.
Vending machines will exchange orders from customers
Use plastic bottles for points and coupons.
The idea behind the deposit return plan is to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bottles.
The two reverse vending machines will be sold for six months at the retailer\'s stores in Skipton in North Yorkshire and Lindsayfield in East Kilbride, South larakshire.
The machine accepts all plastic bottles with bar codes and Morrisons-
Brand bottles that may not be available.
Customers can return up to 20 bottles per day and get 100 Morrisons more points in the form of coupons, each of which can be consumed in the store.
They also have the option to donate 10 p cash to CLIC Sargent, a charity partner at the supermarket.
During the trial, Morrisons said, it will listen to customers, understand how they react to machines, and how they can be used to reduce the environmental impact of plastics.
Meanwhile, ministers from across the UK agreed on a set of design principles designed to encourage more people to recycle beverage cans and bottles.
Andrew Clappen, director of corporate services at Morrisons group said: \"We want to play our role in ensuring plastic bottles are collected and recycled.
\"When customers use these machines, we listen to them.
\"The plan follows a range of initiatives by Morrisen to reduce the use of plastic by customers, including the use of brown paper bags for loose fruits and vegetables.
They also called on customers to bring their own plastic containers when they buy meat and fish at the counter.
Lidl, Marks, and spencer \'sandamazonare are part of the retailer and when shoppers send their hands to customers because of some excess packaging.
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