more cities ban polystyrene foam, citing environment

by:HongXing     2019-10-13
Polystyrene foam-usually, but not always properly referenced by the brand Styrofoam --
Cheap, sturdy, lightweight, for everything from consumer packaging to takeout
Take out the food container
In communities across the United States, it is increasingly unpopular.
Last week, the New York City Council passed a ban on polystyrene foam food containers and the sale of loose polystyrene foam \"peanuts\" for packaging \".
Both measures will take effect on July 1, 2015.
Albany County, New YorkY.
A law banning the use of polystyrene foam food containers was passed in November, joining cities such as Portland, Ore. ; San Francisco; Seattle;
And Amherst, Massachusetts. Washington, D. C.
Mayor Vincent Gray proposed a ban there.
\"There are some businesses. . .
Has been phased out.
It\'s a matter of pushing it and making it a policy, \"said Chicago congressman George Cardenas, who is
Sponsors of legislation earlier this month banning the sale of polystyrene food packaging in Fengcheng. \"It\'s not eco-
Friendly if you like.
This is just something that needs to be done.
\"The ban is the result of decades --
Andrew Moesel, spokesman for the New York State Restaurant Association, said environmental advocates have launched a long campaign: \"foam plastic is a useful material.
Keep the heat.
High cost performance.
But the truth is, this is not very good for the environment.
\"Technically, foam plastic is a trademark polystyrene product of Dow chemistry for building thermal insulation and process products, not food containers.
For enemies of Styrofoam food containers, there are a lot of problems with it.
\"The polystyrene foam is not easy to break down, it is easy to be dispersed by the wind,\" Garth Schultz said, creating garbage problems on streets and local waterways, city operations and environmental services manager in El Cerrito, CA
A ban will take effect on January. 1.
In addition to the garbage issue, Albany County chief executive Daniel McCoy has defended the ban by pointing out concerns about the health impact of chemicals that make up extruded polystyrene foam.
\"You go get the take-out and the steam will melt the lid,\" he said . \".
\"It will enter your food.
In the end, you will get sick because of it.
\"Those who oppose this ban, such as the US chemical Commission, have been pushing for community-wide Polystyrene recycling projects in places like New York City as an alternative to the proposed ban.
The restaurant itself is becoming more and more cold about Styrofoam containers. Fast-
Food giant McDonald\'s
On September, it announced that it would phase out 14,000 foam cups in the US market. S.
Over the next few months, restaurants favor paper cups.
In 1990, it no longer used polystyrene flap containers in hamburgers.
Dunkin\' Donuts Group is the parent company of Dunkin\' Donuts and Baskin
Robin chain, at its most-
Recently, the company released a report on corporate social responsibility.
The foam cup recycling program is stored in all locations, but it hopes to launch an alternative Cup in two or three years.
The catering industry \"generally likes to be at the forefront of environmental protection and make it greener,\" Moesel said \". But (alternatives)
It must be affordable.
Our concerns have always been the bottom line, especially mom. and-pop and ethnic-
Restaurant type.
If you run a small Chinese restaurant, you can run 500 boxes a day.
\"Brooklyn, Mass.
A ban on the use of polystyrene foam food containers and disposable plastic bags began in November, and alan Balsam said that so far, more than 50 exemptions have been issued to affected enterprises, because they are looking for viable alternatives and working through the stock at hand, the town, Director of Public Health and Human Services, may start issuing warnings from next month.
\"In the end, we will fine people ,(but)
We don\'t want to hurt anyone\'s business . \"\"With the (town\'s)
After the exemption expired, people followed the trans-fat ban.
I think the same thing will happen here.
As more major communities such as New York City change, \"This will have an impact on the market,\" Moesel said . \".
This is expected to eventually lower the price of alternatives.
We believe this is the future.
Daman also reports for Rochester (N. Y. )
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