Money can buy happiness. Just depends what you buy.

by:HongXing     2020-07-14
Look at these perfect things.
Who doesn\'t want to splash water? (
On the left is James Will\'s beautiful marble and wood cube and on the right is the rectangular water bottle from Ali Stephenson. )Source:news. com.
Yes, we know there\'s a lot to spend on.
But it\'s Friday and we don\'t want to talk about buying groceries.
No, it\'s time to look at the purchases we \'ve been making us happy over the years, no matter how stupid other people think they are.
A water bottle \"$48.
35 is not cheap for a water bottle.
But it\'s not just other water bottles.
This is a bottle of bottle, a smooth BPA-
Free H20 holder\'s shipping tool 750 ml liquid gold and the thinnest bag in and out of the slide is no enemy. Jealous yet?
You see, I \'ve been waiting for five weeks on the waiting list for this shabby water container and it\'s finally arrived and I\'m happy to refill the moisture, which is awkward.
When I brought oohs and aahs to zipTap this morning, the \"I want one\" and \"I want one\" that my colleague pulled out from them were enough to prove that I am this month
Oh, did I mention three color covers that can be swapped?
I mean, shut up and take my money away.
So, moving on a cylindrical Franklin bottle with a crappy lid and plastic barcode label is a statement of hydration.
You can\'t pay for it, can you?
** Technically you can, your American Express is about $50. (
Don\'t tell my boyfriend I paid so much for it)” -
Alison Stephenson fans of friends have an emotional attachment to the show\'s apartment.
So why not buy history?
Source: The plan of FRIENDS eda FRIENDS \"I used to celebrate the salary increase by hand drawing the plan to Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey\'s apartment.
The cost of shipping from Spain and then mounting, I think it ended up costing about $250, and some people think it\'s ridiculous, but it\'s my favorite thing. ” -
Liz BurkeA CUBE \"when I started a new job, I liked to wait six months and put any personal items on my desk or around the office.
If one night I decided that everything was getting too much and I didn\'t want to work any more --
I like the option to opt out over the phone without having to go and collect my stuff.
But just after more than six months at the job, I decided to clean up my desk.
The $40 marble and timber cube is the perfect accessory.
It makes me happy and feels good when I rub my face on it. ” -
James WeirSOME steak knife \"this is a steak knife customized by a little old man in Washington state.
They cost $220 each and I like them very much.
We had dinner with some people at Momofuku and kept thinking about them. ” -
Hannah Stanning admitted that.
They\'re great. you\'re jealous.
\"It\'s the coldest weekend in Sydney in two years and I \'ve had enough.
I am a woman in my 40 s and I need only the comfort that Cashmere brings.
Thanks to Independence Day, Barney\'s warehouse had a final discount, and the cashmere sportswear I \'ve been craving for months has finally dropped from $200 to less than $400.
They are the warmest and lightest track pants I have ever had.
My partner called them my gangster pants because obviously they were the only ones that would wear them. ” -
Monika JanschA toothbrush \"this week my partner became a proud new owner of an oral toothbrush --
B. plastic toothbrush, originally available for $330.
This is not your normal plastic toothbrush.
This is a dental magic of Bluetooth.
Connect to an app that keeps track of your brushing process and provides \"feedback approved by the dentist \"(
Like when you\'re under too much pressure. who knew? )
Track your overall \"brush progress\" over time \".
It also comes with incentive messages, reminders and \"rewards \".
Oh, it can also polish and deeply clean your Pearl White, making my humble $6 supermarket toothbrush very ashamed. ”-
Lauren mcmahlight \"it\'s not totally outrageous, but recently I threw away a very nice light because it was ugly and I was too lazy to find a new one for it when it exploded
In its position, I splashed a lovely soft
White ceramic lamp with cut
Designed a gorgeous pattern on the wall of my bedroom.
This is totally unnecessary, but every time I walk into my room and turn on the lights, I smile with the golden glow of my purchase. ” -
Kate kalakulas bought it because I was worth it.
Graphic: Incu/Xue et.
Source: SuppliedA jumper \"I had a bad day, and I \'ve been following this $200 jumper for weeks with shiny green lettering on its chest.
I repeatedly told myself: \"No, you can\'t spend so much money on such ridiculous things . \".
But after a hard day at work, in a weak moment, I want to screw it up and I\'m doing it.
My Killer purchase timed perfectly with the arrival of the \"Antarctic Whirlpool\", so I have achieved the impossible goal: Stay Comfortable at 5 degrees and look hella cute,
It\'s warm and comfortable. I feel like a boss with a big walk in it.
Yes, my jumper is better than yours. ” -
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