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by:HongXing     2020-06-11
How about a bottle of ubiquitous 750-02 Castle plasma?
Milliliter glass bottles are starting to compete with plastic upstarts on retail shelves and several restaurants.
There is a \"date of use\" on the bottle \"--
Plastic cannot provide the exact same seal as glass-
Therefore, it is unlikely that they will enter the cellar of serious wine lovers.
However, for those who are less picky, the cost of this wine may be lower.
Wine lovers say the taste will be the same for wines that do not expire.
\"This wine doesn\'t know what packaging it is,\" said W . \"R.
Tish is a wine educator who wrote a blog called Wineskewer.
\"Whether it\'s in a plastic bottle, plastic bladder in a box, or glass, it tastes the same.
At the San aka bistro.
In Helena, a wine country in Napa Valley, California, owner Robert Simon will start pouring Cabernet Sauvignon from plastic bottles this monththe-Glass customers.
Peralta Winery will sell him 1-
Plastic bottle with the same price as 750-
Ml glass bottle.
That means he can sell two more cups for $7 to $8 a cup.
He doesn\'t have to worry about breaking the bottle.
\"My decision will be based on the same factors as any wine ---
\"Try it,\" said Simon.
\"Consumers only care (drinking)glass.
\"EnVino, a plastic --wine-
Bottle adventure in Burlingame, California
, Indicating that the weight of the container is about 1-
The eighth is equivalent to a similar glass bottle, reducing the space occupied by 20%.
Patrick Field, EnVino\'s partner, says this allows winemakers to save fuel by transporting 30% more wine per truck.
New leaf wine Limitedin Napa, Calif.
, Is testing the sale of wine packed with plastic EnVino bottles.
A small test last year at the Golden block supermarket chain in Northern California \"did a good job,\" said Jason taurmino, president of the new leaf.
He hopes to launch it in a wider range of retailers and is looking for \"big dealers willing to work with us \".
\"Fred Francia, the boss of Branco wine.
Plastic is not ready yet. He needs high-
He bottled at a speed of $1.
Charles Shaw wine-
Also known as two buckchuck-
Now, that means he needs a heavier glass bottle.
\"The plastic will blow the line off.
But it will come.
They will solve it, \"said Frankie.
Ed Masciana, Torrance, California
Merchants with Peralta Winery plan to buy about one with plastic bottles-
Starting with cabernet and chardonnay, he sells the third of 10,000 boxes of wine a year.
The restaurant is his main target;
He believes consumers are not ready to buy wine in plastic bottles at retail stores.
In the restaurant, most people don\'t know that the glass of wine they ordered was packed in plastic containers.
\"Unless I throw the bottle in your direction, you will never know that it is not glass, especially across the street from the dark dining room,\" Masciana said . \".
The bottle has a special layer designed to prevent oxygen from penetrating into the container and destroying the wine before the \"date of use.
187-plastic containers have been used
Bottles are offered for sale in commercial airlines and many supermarkets.
But cost pressures are expected to accelerate this trend.
Boissett Family Manor in socilito, California
The wine company starts selling 1-
Last month, a liter of plastic bottles from JW Mountain Merlot were sold to JW Marriott in glass.
\"The packaging is fun, but we are selling quality and taste on wine,\" said Laurie Goldstein, a spokeswoman for Marriott\'s catering business.
This wine has a place in other products of the hotel chain.
\"If the taste is not good, no one will buy it,\" Goldstein said . \".
Jean-President of the company-
Charles Boisset noted that more than half of the wines sold in the United States were consumed within a few months, if not weeks or hours.
\"Plastic will be the future of most wine packaging,\" Boisset said . \".
\"The economy is amazing.
Maintain the quality of the wine and be friendly to the environment.
\"However, there is no guarantee of success.
Businessman Joe tries to sell his personal belongings
Wine label from Boisset-
DuPont Bridge, France--
$5 earlier this year. 99 for a 1-
The bottle was raised in the California store but discontinued after disappointing sales.
It is not clear whether the problem is plastic bottles or wine.
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