M&S moves wine into plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-04-27
All of its 25cl static bottles will be transferred from glass to plastic.
This size is particularly popular with consumers who will stock up on a picnic or train trip, each with two glasses of wine.
The series includes 19 bottles of red, white, rose wine at the same price as when the glass bottle was sold.
M & S says 100,000 of all the wines it sells are in these vials and are sold weekly.
According to the company\'s estimate, the switch can save 525 tons of packaging per year.
The new bottle, made of polyphenyl ester (PET)
88 cents lighter than glass bottles, less energy used in the manufacturing process.
This light bottle also means less fuel for trucks to deliver wine.
However, since there is an aluminum cover on the bottle, they cannot be fully recycled at the moment.
The company says it is working to produce a fully recyclable, high-quality enough bottle for the standard 75cl bottle.
British food from Belinda Kleinig, New Zealand, M & S said: \"It\'s a very exciting thing for M & S, because it means that our customers can enjoy the same quality of wine, but it is possible to use lighter bottles, which is not only for them but better for the environment.
\"Three years ago, Sainsbury introduced plastic bottles for 32 standard-sized bottles.
As consumers become more tolerant of plastic, White Rose has also introduced Shiraz and cheroblanc in a 75 cl plastic bottle.
Britain imported more than $1 last year.
7 billion bottles of 75 cl wine are equivalent to more than 600,000 tons of packaging, and government waste quango WRAP puts pressure on retailers to reduce the number of packaging.
A spokesman for the Wine and Spirits Trade Association said: \"It is clear that there is interest in buying different quantities of wine, and we know from our own research that consumers are open to new forms of packaging.
Many departments in the industry are looking for ways to reduce environmental impact.
Given that most wines sold in the UK are imported, it is also of good economic significance to study light glass or alternatives.
Nick Room, the buyer waiting for rose wine, said: \"wine-
Alcoholic compromises in taste and quality can be very precious and this is something we are very careful about to ensure that new plastic packaging does not happen.
\"In fact, the bottle actually has an extended shelf --
The 12-month life is guaranteed and 24-month proof, which highlights the fact that the product is as good as glass of wine quality and that 100% of recyclability has additional benefits to the environment.
\"The wine industry has been working to reduce packaging through its Glassrite project, in particular by government waste treatment agencies.
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