louis riel school division considers plastic bottle ban

by:HongXing     2020-05-21
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The Louis Riel School division is considering a ban on the sale of plastic beverage bottles in schools.
The proposed ban was discussed in January.
25 meetings of the Louis Riel School Board.
The trustee referred the proposal to the Commission for further discussion and looked into the implications of this ban.
The Winnipeg School Division is considering implementing a similar ban at the recommendation of the board members of the school in early January.
\"As part of our ongoing environmental policy, we will look at it,\" said Gary Gervais, chairman of the LRSD board . \".
Gervais explained that two years ago, the department had developed a sustainable development education policy, including a ban on the production of foam plastic products in schools.
\"The way this policy is developed is for different considerations,\" he said, suggesting that a ban on plastic bottles could be included.
Gervais said that after officials from the Winnipeg School Division began investigating the issue, the trustee was urged to consider a ban. Supt.
Terry Borris said it was not just the trustees who were interested in the idea.
\"We did receive letters from some people in the community asking if we would do the same,\" he said . \" At present, vending machines in branch schools can provide services to add bottled water and juice.
Borys said the trustee also asked the division staff to report the student\'s response to this ban.
Megan Duft, Grade 11 student in J. H.
Brunn University, the president of her school\'s earth management program, said she appreciated the department\'s move to consider banning plastic bottles.
\"One of our main concerns is water,\" Dufret said . \" He\'s in J. H.
Brunn people can buy bottled drinks in the cafeteria and vending machines outside the gym.
Part of the management program activity includes posting facts about water consumption above the school water dispenser.
The group holds several water taste tests every year, inviting students to guess which Cup is running water and which is bottled water.
\"They often get it wrong.
This is where we emphasize this . \"
Dufret admits that some students may not feel the same way as her about the proposed prohibition.
She said that some people may feel that it will cause them inconvenience, while others may think that bottled water is better or cleaner than tap water.
Still, she believes most of them will adapt for a given period of time.
\"People need a little bit of time to get used to it, but I think it will have a positive impact in the long run,\" Dufret said . \".
A spokesman for the Winnipeg School Division said that the issue of the school ban on plastic beverage bottles had been submitted to the board\'s policy/program committee for consideration.
The Commission has not yet made a recommendation. arielle.
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