london marathon runners given seaweed tablets of energy drink to reduce plastic bottle use

by:HongXing     2020-05-20
The event last year provided about 650,000 plastic bottles.
To reduce the amount of plastic waste, London Marathon runners will get seaweed flakes containing energy drinks.
Thousands of seaweed capsules will be distributed to competitors at the London Marathon as part of an effort to reduce the amount of waste left behind after the race.
Last year\'s marathon offered around 650,000 plastic bottles, and while they were recyclable, their use was labeled \"waste of resources.
This year, organizers are experimenting with a range of innovations and measures aimed at reducing plastic use and waste.
The event will be the largest ever trial of Ooho seaweed edible and biodegradable capsules, with more than 30,000 of them to be distributed at 23 miles.
The capsule is made of brown seaweed, which the inventor says is one of the most renewable resources in nature.
Elsewhere in this route, the three Lucozade sports stations will use compostable cups instead of bottles.
Organizers said their goal was to reduce the number of plastic bottles on the field by more than 215,000 during this year\'s event.
After the 2018 Marathon, Conservative MP Pauline Latham criticized \"dozens of streets\" for seeing abandoned bottles.
\"We need to keep such people hydrated, but actually using disposable plastic is a waste of resources and there should be a better way,\" she told the House of Commons . \".
In addition to efforts to reduce the number of bottles in use, organizers are also testing ways to recycle bottles more effectively.
Using the \"closed cycle\" system, plastic bottles will be returned directly to the reprocessing plant from Angela Greenwich, south China, Canary Wharf, and they will add new bottles.
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