kerre mcivor: banning plastic is fantastic

by:HongXing     2020-06-19
After visiting our local countdown, the husband came home breathlessly this week.
He was told that he had to buy a reusable plastic bag for shopping because we are one of the 10 Countdown supermarkets in our local area, responsible for phasing out single
Use the bag before the end of the year.
And the New World promises to get rid of being single,
Using plastic bags before the end of the year, Farro introduced biodegradable plastic bags.
The husband said if the countdown cancels the plastic bag, why did someone tell him that he had to pay for a plastic bag?
The lovely woman at the checkout desk explained that she might have to do it thousands of times, it was a reusable bag that he had to carry with him the next time he went shopping and that he did not have to pay for another bag.
I \'ve been to my family in London several times and that\'s exactly what you do there.
The number of singles in Britain has dropped by 85
Use plastic bags
According to The Guardian, the average number of shoppers has dropped from 140 bags to 25 bags in more than a year.
This is a good thing for the environment.
The same Guardian article also reported that the number of plastic bags found on the sea floor dropped by 30 in a sea area that has been studying for more than 25 years.
All in all, this is a happy good thing.
Although I\'m glad we don\'t have a dog yet, the bags in the supermarket are perfect for handling poop.
I have decided that the trash can will be a commando and I have to rinse it clean after each use, rather than the convenience and convenience of choosing a plastic bag liner.
I\'m already compost, which will minimize the total factor, but there will still be residues like meat and fish that will allow flushing --
Go out and deal with one of those chores like cleaning up the shower plug.
Friction among them-
It was all good and got rid of being single well
Use plastic bags
But what about plastic?
Packaging products in supermarkets and other stores?
Why are some plastic storage containers wrapped in bloody plastic?
Why is avocado on a polystyrene tray wrapped in plastic?
I was particularly angry when the publisher put my review book in a box full of polystyrene chips. They\'re books.
They won\'t break.
Every industry, manufacturer, and retailer needs to look carefully at the way they package and send their products, because it makes no sense to manufacture environmental hazards when it is not necessary.
Academic David Christian
Bill Gates, who created this major historical project, said that in the 20 th century, humans have made such rapid and huge changes in their way of life, so much so that our species
This is the first time in four, he said. billion-
In the year of our biosphere, a single biological species has become the dominant force for change.
Since this is an unknown area, we have to take clues from the surrounding environment and he says we need to notice the warning signal --rising carbon-
Carbon dioxide levels declined, biodiversity declined, and glaciers melted.
I know some people refuse to believe that the Earth is in danger.
But for sure, no matter what you think about climate change, everyone thinks that unnecessary waste is stupid.
An efficient way of life.
Reducing the number of plastic bags in the environment is a good start.
Kerre McIvor\'s Sunday meeting was held today at nine o\'clock A. M. in NewstalkZB. noon.
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