italian teens’ vending machine turns plastic bottles into cell phone cases

by:HongXing     2020-05-21
It is reported that a group of young people in Italy want to change the way young people recycle used plastic bottles and take measures to do so.
Teenagers don\'t want to throw waste bottles into trash cans, but instead want their peers to put their plastic bottles in a vending machine called my generation, which converts bottles into phone cases.
The five-person team from the town of Sicilian bagria developed the idea last year as part of the Youth Achievement Business factory competition and all the way to the final in Milan.
These teenagers want to encourage their nobles to think creatively about their rubbish and choose to use vending machines, a technology that is already familiar and easy to use for age groups.
They also chose the name MyProGeneration because they wanted to promote the idea of initiative and encourage other teenagers to \"support something, support the environment,\" the team said in a statement.
In the final stage of the commercial factory competition, their project attracted the attention of AXA in Italy, which awarded them the AXA Social Impact Award in Italy.
The award offers young people the opportunity to work with AXA Strategic Ventures and AXA Research Fund, both initiatives designed to help innovation projects shift from concept to deliverables.
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The recycling machine accepts plastic bottles, then cuts them into particles and melts them into plastic filaments.
When the filaments are ready, the vending machine allows the user to 3D print the case using the plastic material they have just recycled.
This process is done in the vending machine, and the user can directly experience the process of converting waste bottles into useful things.
The team built four prototypes last year and delivered them to customers.
The team is currently looking for business partners to help fund mass production of vending machine hardware.
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