Is your electric toothbrush damaging your teeth?

by:HongXing     2020-07-29
Natasha Vergil blinks painfully every time she drinks a glass of cold water.
It was the price she paid for years of trying to brush her teeth.
For Natasha, like millions of people, she likes the fresh, smooth feel she feels with a powerful plastic toothbrush.
So much so that she grinded the protective layer of the enamel, exposed the sensitive roots, and brought inevitable painful consequences. Natasha, a 40-year-
Three years ago, the old caregiver was persuaded to change her manual brush to an electric one.
\"I was looking after a lady with cerebral palsy at the time and used to watch her clean her teeth and look great,\" Natasha recalled . \".
\"Electric toothbrushes seem to be able to clean the teeth thoroughly with little effort.
Natasha bought one and started using it twice a day.
A year later, however, she began to notice amazing changes.
\"On my lower front teeth, the gums shrink significantly,\" she said . \".
\"This is also the beginning of sensitivity.
Whenever I drink something very hot or cold, my eyes get in the water.
She thinks cavity or abscess should be blamed
Although she is always proud of her perfect teeth.
The diagnosis of the dentist was shocking.
\"She blamed my electric toothbrush,\" said Natasha from London . \".
\"I\'m a picky Brewer and the dentist says I\'m probably over-doing --
Brush your teeth: use the brush too hard or brush your teeth for more than two minutes.
\"Her only option is to insert the enamel filler into the area where the teeth are running out.
This is the first time Natasha needs to fill her stomach, and her frustration is understandable.
Natasha\'s story is not uncommon, marking a rise in strong opposition to the use of electric toothbrushes over the years.
Some now offer up to 8,800 oscillation per minute.
So more and more dentists suggest going back to the old-
It\'s fashionable to brush your teeth by hand.
Dr. Beeta Salek said: \"I see more and more patients with wear cavity and gum problems after using these powerful electronic devices in error . \"
Haddadi, cosmetic dentist with Smile Solutions in London.
\"People are brushing too fast and too hard with them, which hurts.
Dr. Philip invented it in Switzerland in 1954.
Guy Woog, an electric toothbrush, is hailed as a great innovation.
Dentists say not only can they remove plaque more effectively, but they can also reduce the occurrence of gum inflammation --
Inflammation of the gums can cause teeth to fall off-
It grew by more than 17 percentage points in three months.
But not everyone believes.
A study published in the journal of clinical periodontal Sciences long before 2003 has highlighted the issue of brushes, claiming that it is almost impossible for ordinary people to know if they put too much pressure on them.
As a result, dentists are beginning to see patients with tooth enamel and gum decay.
If 24-year-old Martha Davis knew that, she would reconsider putting an electric toothbrush on her Christmas list in 2013.
Three months later, she had some shocking problems with her teeth.
\"My gums start to bleed when I brush my teeth, and I often spit blood water into the sink,\" full-time mother-of-one.
\"After brushing my teeth, my teeth also ache and when I use the brush I can feel the filling shaking.
\"In the end, they started to loosen, and then all the fillings fell off one after another in a week.
I\'m sure I\'m brushing my teeth correctly, sooner or later.
\"Martha went to the dentist and the dentist replaced the filling and advised her to change a manual toothbrush until things calmed down.
But Martha decided to make the transition permanent.
\"It\'s clear that the plastic toothbrush is linked to the damage in my mouth,\" she said . \".
\"The bleeding has stopped and my teeth are no longer hurting.
The electric toothbrush is obviously too powerful for me. I won\'t go back.
Dr. Seema Patel, clinical director of Elleven Dental in London, suggested that the damage was not caused by electric toothbrushes, but by the way people use them.
\"Few people use them correctly,\" he said . \"
\"You should put it next to the face of the tooth and aim the brush at the gums at a speed of 45degree angle.
\"But most people use it like a manual toothbrush, and will frantically push it through the teeth, causing the enamel to become thinner and the gums to be pushed down, making it more sensitive.
\"Once the enamel disappears, it disappears forever.
Dr. Salek added: \"It cannot be repaired or regeneratedHaddidi.
\"We have to use fillers or relocate gum, which can be expensive or uncomfortable.
\"She believes that the way forward is either to re-
Learn the right brushing technique with the help of a dental health practitioner, or use a softer brush to return to manual brushing, which bends in contact and easily enters the groove between the teeth and the gums.
\"When you choose a manual toothbrush, look for a toothbrush with very soft bristles,\" dental therapist Edith Maurer busscu explains . \".
\"The most common mistake people make when brushing their teeth is to choose medium or hard --
Brush the toothbrush and then apply a lot of pressure on the teeth and gums, which leads to enamel erosion and Gum Retreat.
\"In addition, people often brush their teeth right after eating --
When a large amount of acid is contained in the mouth, erosion is aggravated.
\"According to Bussink, the best way to clean the teeth is to use as little pressure as possible and move the brush at a small circular movement at a slight angle, half on the gums, half on the teeth.
\"As bacteria gather here and form deposits, it is critical to clean up the gum line,\" she said . \".
Dr. Salek warned that children in particular should never get an electric toothbrushHaddidi.
\"It\'s like giving your kids a calculator instead of having them learn how to calculate the amount from scratch,\" Shesays said . \".
\"If they don\'t brush their teeth manually, they never know how to brush their teeth properly.
\"Meanwhile, Natasha has given up using her plastic toothbrush forever.
\"I like my smile and I don\'t want it to change or have any problems with the gum fading,\" she said . \".
\"I went back to a manual toothbrush and had a timer to make sure I didn\'t repeat it in two minutes. \" -
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