is this the beginning of the end of plastic bottles in shops? as pret trials reusable ones you’ll have to pay more for

by:HongXing     2020-05-15
High street chain coffee shop Pret a Manger has become the latest sandwich shop to solve the \"problem\" of plastic bottles.
According to environmental consultancy Eunomia, about 700,000 plastic beverage bottles are sealed every day in the UK and now Pret is taking steps to ban them.
The coffee chain will sell reusable glass bottles that can be filled at newly installed water stations to encourage customers to stop buying plastic water bottles.
Currently, they are trying out the program at three vegetable Pret stores in London and will roll it out to the Manchester branch in October 31.
But that\'s the price.
Glass bottles cost 3.
A container of 250 ml size is 99 and 4.
500 ml size bottle 99.
During the trial, you can still buy the still water of 500 ml plastic bottles for 99 p or 750 ml bottles for 1 pound. 50.
While more expensive glass bottles are a future investment, there is nothing to stop you from refilling cheaper plastic bottles, even those you already have.
Clive Schlee, CEO of Pret, explained in his blog that there are two schools within the company.
\"Passionate eco-activists say they are completely stopped selling them, while pragmatists say it\'s easy to make it as easy as possible for customers to use fewer plastic bottles,\" he said . \".
\"We are looking at both options carefully.
\"If the trial is successful, it may mark the beginning of the end of the plastic bottle.
Department store Selfridges banned the sale of plastic bottles in their stores as early as 2015 as part of their plastic marine campaign.
Pret\'s decision was made a few days after the news of a new government plan, which could see shoppers getting cash returns for returning plastic bottles and cans to the store.
The ban on selling plastic bottles now seems revolutionary, but as early as 2015, the same was true for supermarkets charging for plastic bags.
So far, the new policy has had a positive impact on Tesco, which has revealed that it has released 1.
5 billion several plastic tote bags.
Now supermarket chains are considering canceling all single usage
Plastic bags in their shop
For some time, coffee shop chains have encouraged customers to use their recycled cups for hot drinks.
Pret has offered customers a 25 p hot drink discount if they offer their own reusable cups.
Since 2013, Starbucks has even encouraged drinkers to recycle reusable cups in stores in exchange for a new one for £ 1.
But that\'s not good news, as a government commission has accused coffee chains of \"cheating\" customers and thinking their outsell cups are recyclable.
Mary Krieger, chairman of the Environmental Audit Committee, accused the allegations and accused the label of being wrong, saying that only one in 10 disposable cups were recycled each year.
Lawmakers have heard that the huge increase in takeout coffee means an astonishing increase.
Throw out 5 billion disposable cups every year.
But, despite the logo showing to keep the UK clean, the cups are not actually easy to recycle.
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