Is Airport Shopping for Suckers Only? Bottled Water Now a Flashpoint

by:HongXing     2020-05-10
NEW YORK (MainStreet)—
What is the reasonable price of a bottle of water?
Second question: is only a fool shopping at the airport?
The problem is intertwined because now there is a loudand ugly -
Litigation between upscale retailer Kitson and Hudson Group, the operator of about 700 stores in the United StatesS.
Including Hudson News, the largest newsstand brand at the airport.
Los Angeles International Airport is the ground for the feast (LAX)
Hudson Group operates two stores in the name of Kitson.
This relationship broke out when Kitson took its Smartwater --
Prices near Los Angeles are usually $2.
According to Kitson, $55 per liter
Go to Hudson and ask to see it on the shelves of the airport store.
Hudson refused.
Then there was a quarrel, with Kitson claiming that Hudson just wanted to take the dry traveler away with other more expensive water.
Understanding the trigger for this battle is the rule that effectively prohibits carrying a whole bottle of water through safety.
But many passengers are thirsty in the low humidity environment of the aircraft, so it has set up an exclusive market ready to use water at any price.
There is a way to beat the system, one that is often toldand frugal -flyer.
Read below to find out how cheapskates can keep moisture without violating the budget.
First, go back to Kitson-
Hudson slugfest: Hudson naturally has different views on the situation.
Lawyer Brian Timmons said, \"Kitson has no real history of selling water in his store.
Kitson is known for selling expensive goods in high-end boutiques.
So any thought that Kitson is here is really out of selfless concern about the price of water at Los Angeles International Airport, they either never shop at the Kitson store or really naive.
Timmons\'s statement
Kitson just wanted to break the deal with Hudson and let Hudson have a license to run a store at Los Angeles International Airport using the name Kitson.
Kitson spokesman Brad Chase sneered at Hudson\'s statement, throwing out zinger, at Los Angeles International Airport, a contract stipulates that the price of the goods cannot exceed 18% of the value of the typical street according to Kitson\'s calculation, hudson is scoring 100% of the water and usually charges about $5 per liter.
Timmons also disagreed, saying Hudson was only charged $2 in some slack places.
A bottle of water.
The struggle will take place one day in court, but now, it shines brightly on a thorny issue: is there only a fool shopping at an airport store?
Note: Some goods are sold at prices such as newspapers and magazines.
There is no reason not to buy them anywhere in the Los Angeles International Airport EWR.
There is also a problem with food, if you have a long stay --
Or just a long flight in front of you.
Eat at the airport.
This will cost more than you would pay in the city center, but not more than the cost of airline meals on board.
Of course, the food at the airport almost always tastes better.
As for the others
From aspirin to a bag of nuts and even a bottle of water --
You have to know that you paid too much.
Don\'t complain if you buy it. But still --
Know the mark though-
We shop at the airport
There may even be good reasons.
Louis Altman, CEO of the satellite phone company GlobaFone, said he recently got off the plane at Heathrow Airport and was ready to fly to India.
Altman said he realized he left Bose noise canceling headphones on his London flight, \"I\'m addicted to them.
Altman said: \"When they can\'t find it, he walks into an airport store and is $40 more than they should get, but, as the long flight approaches, the money spent on a pair of new shoes is very cost-effective.
Rachel Weingarten, marketing strategist, even said that sometimes it\'s just ridiculous to accept airport prices.
\"When I was stuck at the airport in Ireland a few years ago, I spent a lot of money on a flat hat,\" she said.
Everyone praised me when I wore that particular opening.
Of course, it will cost a lot of money, but it allows me to be free with money and stupidity and enjoy a very unpleasant moment.
So, for some people, airport shopping can relieve the pressure. who can oppose it?
It solves an emergency for others, which is also unarguable.
Now you want to know how to beat this system on overpriced water issues, thanks to travel blog Amber Hoffman for this, who submitted the document at withintow.
Her suggestion: bring an empty water bottle through TSA.
Packed in a carry-on bag.
Find a fountain once you have cleared TSA. Around the U. S.
Public drinking water, in particular, is safe and often delicious.
Fill the bottle
Total cost: zero.
Hoffman explained: \"The price charged by the airport retail store is too outrageous.
More importantly, however, we should encourage not to buy plastic bottles at any time and then discard them.
\"If you\'re embarrassed because you\'re cheap, play the environment card smug and you just won.
You saved $5. —
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