irobot roomba 695: answer to your cleaning woes?

by:HongXing     2020-06-12
Like many people, I left the cleaning chores to a tomorrow that will never come.
So the idea of automating cleaning with very few supervision has always attracted my imagination.
Then I met iRobot Roomba 695, an intelligent vacuum cleaner developed by MIT robotics experts.
The Roomba 695 has a lightweight, No.
There are three buttons on the top surface and decorative disc designs with suction pipes, cleaning brushes and other tools on the bottom.
When the sensor is carried on the front of the robot\'s circumference, the back is equipped with removable dust and trash cans.
Only one button needs to be pressed to operate the robot.
The robot picks up dirt, dust, pet hair and any dirt from the floor.
It\'s not fast to do the job, but there is no need for supervision, so you can leave the job even if you are not at home.
It\'s tied with the palm
Size vertical bracket with sensor as virtual wall--
The boundaries that robots do not cross.
Machines have different cleaning modes-
Carpet and floor-
When it moves from one surface to another, it switches between them.
It also adjusts the cleaning time based on how much effort it takes to complete the work.
Side sweeps pick up the accumulated dirt from the edges and corners.
The Roomba 695 robot is able to operate remotely, which makes it a unique proposition.
Priced at £ 990, it would be a complete package if the machine could automatically return to the charging station.
Instead, it suddenly stops during cleaning.
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