indoor garden using plastic bottles: 7 steps (with pictures)

by:HongXing     2020-05-08
Plastic bottles now pose a huge threat to the environment. a-days.
Most people throw them away after using them.
This has caused serious damage to the environment.
Here are some bad effects caused by plastic bottles.
In addition, it takes hundreds of years for plastic to rot into soil.
Therefore, our main way to protect the environment from the pollution of plastic bottles is to recycle or reuse plastic bottles.
Here I will show you how to make an indoor garden using plastic bottles.
To maintain soil quality, I also included a plant monitoring system based on Arduino.
I hope this will help protect our environment.
Let\'s start.
There are several ways to use plastic bottle gardening.
I will tell you two ways, but you can try different ways according to your own wishes.
Collect these items.
My first method is to use the bottle horizontally and the second is to use the bottle vertically.
Let\'s focus on the first method.
Now your little garden is ready.
Suitable for growing small plants or shrubs.
Try to make a small indoor garden with a lot of bottles.
In China and Japan, they use this indoor garden to grow the grass medicine they need in their daily life.
So you don\'t have to run to the market when you need it.
After planting, don\'t exceed the limit water because we don\'t have a way to remove excess water.
To overcome these problems, I plan to add a soil monitoring system at the end of this manual.
Take another plastic bottle and Mark 5 points on the same level.
Keep 10 cm space between levels 2 while continuing to do so.
Heat the screwdriver and punch holes at the marked point.
The 8mm diameter hole is enough.
Now fill the bottle with soil according to the picture.
This method is ideal for vines.
Insert the root of the vine into the hole, shake the bottle, and catch the root with the soil.
In order to make enough space for the vines, we can hang the bottles near the windows so that they have enough sunlight to grow.
This method is also used to plant herbs in South Asian countries.
I have included a light level gauge and a soil moisture level gauge for the plant monitoring system.
This has led indicating the current situation and also includes the Bluetooth module.
Therefore, we can monitor the situation through our mobile phone.
To make a factory monitor, collect the following items.
Connect the circuit as shown above.
I will break it down into steps for convenience.
Upload the above code to the arduino board.
Because this is a very simple code, you can easily identify the function.
This is the function.
Connect via Bluetooth using the \"Bluetooth terminal\" or \"Bluetooth electronics\" mobile app.
They are simple and awesome mobile apps that allow you to connect and monitor your factory.
After opening the Bluetooth module, search for the new Bluetooth device from the phone, it should be displayed as hc06.
Use 0000 as a password.
To cover all the electronic parts, look for a box like the one pictured above.
Please use laser cutting machine and plywood if not found.
I uploaded the drawing file here.
All you have to do is cut and glue the pieces.
After putting the electronics into the box, put the moisture level monitor into the plastic bottle.
Power on the arduino board to make it work.
Now you have a small smart indoor garden with a plant monitoring system.
Enjoy the brand new smart garden in DIY interior.
If you like this, please vote for this competition. Cheers. ! ! !
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