Iceland introduces reverse vending machine that pays customers to recycle plastic bottles

by:HongXing     2020-05-11
Iceland has launched a reverse vending machine that gives customers a 10 p coupon for every plastic bottle brought into the store.
The machine was tried out for six months at Fulham, Iceland.
Before that, the government announced a bottle deposit plan that forced consumers to pay an advance every time they bought a drink in a container.
New machines only accept bottles purchased from Iceland
It solves this problem by scanning the barcode.
Reverse vending machines reward individual recycling by providing money or vouchers for empty containers.
A spokesman said in a statement that the trial will provide insights that will allow supermarkets to \"maximize the positive impact of the national uprising on the environment \".
Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland, said: \"We are the first supermarket to take decisive action to bring the reverse vending machine into the store after the government announced its support for the UK\'s deposit return plan.
\"We did a great job by consulting with suppliers and understanding how customers will respond to machines.
\"According to the Allen MacArthur Foundation, by 2050, the amount of plastic in the world\'s oceans may exceed the weight of the entire fish population.
Plastic bottles used in the UK are less than half recycled after use.
In response to Iceland\'s move, Michael Gove said: \"I applaud Iceland for leading the trial plan.
We are now taking action to curb millions of unrecycled plastic bottles every day is absolutely important.
Enterprise support will be an important part of ensuring that we place the environment in a better state than we find.
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