HX9332 vs HX9382 - Difference Between the HX9332 and HX9382

by:HongXing     2020-07-11
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Should I buy a hx93 32 or hx9382? Are you interested in getting high quality products? premium)
Philips electric toothbrush model and decided on hx93 32 or HX9382, but not sure which one of them is the best for you, you found the right guide to compare. (
Important note: If you skip the Conclusions section below, you will find that they are actually exactly the same model, so there is no difference, one is no better than the other-
They are only sold under different coding names: Because one is for retail purposes only ---the HX9332 --
The other is sold directly through a dental clinic. -
HX9382, so basically just choose the cheapest one by looking at their best prices. )
Hxx93 32/05 installed (aka. Diamond-Clean)
: Sonicare yulyx9382/05 (aka. Diamond-Clean)
: Sonciare technology these high-quality toothbrushes share the same integrated and unique Philips sonic technology that enables them to runxa031,000xa0Rotation and oscillation (i. E. strokes
Within 60 seconds. -
This in turn forces the liquid into every gap in your mouth and in turn gives you a clean almost \"professional (i.
Fight against harmful plaques.
Whiten/polish teeth and iii by removing stains.
Stimulate gums).
Through regular use, they are clinically proven to significantly improve oral health (
In contrast, just a manual toothbrush)e. g.
Within two weeks you will find a significant improvement in the health of the gums and two colors for the teethlighter).
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean sonic electric toothbrush, white, hx93 32/05 Am azon Price: $219. 99 $170. 98 Buy Now(
Prices as of March 4, 2016)
Cleaning and brushing mode:xa0Cleaning | White | sensitive | polishing | chewing gum care | HX9382:xa0Cleaning | White | sensitive | polishing | gum care | they are also equipped with the same 5 unique brushing modes-
You can use it to customize your oral cleaning experience as follows: \"clean\" mode: this is a complete standard oral cleaning overhaul.
\"White\" mode: remove dirty \"yellow\"-like stains on teeth (i. e whiteninig)
\"Sensitive\" mode: produce a softer, more functional clean movement for people with sensitive teeth and/or gums.
\"Polish mode\": Often used with \"white\" mode to illuminatexa0Teeth.
\"Gum care\" mode: directly stimulate and clean the gums.
Philips Sonicare HX9382/05 Diamond cleaning rechargeable electric toothbrush dental professional Price: $255. 87 Buy Now(
Prices as of March 4, 2016)
Practical features x93 32: run time | 3 weeks SmarTimer & Quadpacer | glass charger | lighting display hx9382: run time | 3 weeks SmarTimer & Quadpacer | glass charger | single day charging lighting display (24 hours)--
They should use you about 40 times (
2 minutes in the morning, 2 minutes in the evening is equivalent to 3 weeks).
Also, they integrate a smartimer to make sure you clean at least the best length of 2 minutes specified by the dentist (
Mark the quadrant every 30 seconds to remind you to switch the quadrant--
Get a clean uniform distribution).
They are also equipped with a rather smart and unique \"glass\" charge
Where the toothbrush touches--
The glass will charge it (
It can also be used as an actual glass--
Wash/wash your mouth).
Brush head shx93 32: 2x Diamond brush head shx9382: 2x Diamond brush head is Philips\'s \"premium\" modelxa0Specially designed (
A lot of professional dental input)--
The contour shape precisely matches the shape of the tooth to maximize the removal of plaque/Stains/dirt/bacteria and to be able to reach and clean along the gum line.
In addition, the diamond brush is equipped with super soft bristles for maximum comfort when brushing your teeth (
Especially good for those with sensitive gums/teeth).
Further information warranty information for quality diamonds-
2 years support lean model for parts and labor coverage program (
From the date of purchase).
Size and weight x93 32-1. 3 x 1. 1 x 7. 5 inches | 0. 9 lbs --HX9382xa01. 3 x 1. 1 x 7. 5 inches | 0.
What\'s in the box (package)
Hx93 32 &xa0HX9382xa0-
\"Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush, 2x DiamondClean brush head, charging glass, USB charging suitcase and instruction manual \".
Average review rating (sourced Amazon. com)HX9332: 4.
4 out of 5 stars (88%)
From 450 comments. HZ9382: 4.
8 out of 5 stars (96%)
From 15 reviews.
Conclusion: you should buy an hx93 32 or HX9382 as you can see that they are actually the same --
This is because (As mentioned above)
They intend to sell through two different distribution channels. -
Retail communication (i. e Amazon etc. )
And others directly through Dental Practice (
However, they all ended up on Amazon. --
So basically, if you\'re interested in this highly regarded model (and rightly so)
, Check the price above and see which offer is the cheapest (and hence best)
Price, and that\'s it.
Which Philips Sonicare plastic toothbrush would you buy & Why check out our recommended plastic toothbrush
B. price of 1 yuan for precision black 7000 rechargeable electric toothbrush: $219. 99Buy Now(
Prices as of March 4, 2016)
Also, if you have any questions, comments or questions about the article overview of the two Philips electric dental drills ---
Hx93 32 Vs HX9382 or any model, please do not hesitate to make it in the comments section (
You will find it below)the fold)
We will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.
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