HX6972 Vs HX9332 - Difference Between the HX6972 and HX9332

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Should I buy a HX6972 or hx93 32 plastic toothbrush? Are you not sure about the difference between Philips sonicare HX6972 and hx93 32 electric toothbrushes? So where you\'re not right-
This short and objective comparison guide will compare the two models by highlighting the similarities and different specifications and functions of the two models, which in turn gives you a clear picture of each modeland package)
Can be provided as a whole.
You can then easily decide which plastic toothbrush will suit you (
Or at least now have a better understanding of what you\'re after. g.
A specific function).
Installation technology hx6972/10 (aka. FlexCare Plus)
: Sonicare spyyx93 32/05 (aka. Diamond-Clean)
: Both models of Sonicare technology are equipped with a unique high rating (No.
1 recommended by dentist)
Philips sonic technology allows 31,000 moves per minute-
This in turn allows for complete and thorough oral cleaning until your gum line (
Remove coffee/wine/tea stains, cause the disease of the plaque, stimulate the gums, force the deep fluid in the tooth gap).
In just two weeks of routine use, this is demonstrated by clinical testing, which significantly improves your gum health (
More will be introduced later)
Except to help you get up two (or more)
Lampshade whiter \'(lighter).
Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus sonic plastic toothbrush, HX6972/10 Am azon Price: $289. 43 Buy Now(
Prices as of May 9, 2016)
Cleaning and bushing for Modesh6972:xa0Cleaning | massage | sensitive | gum care | refresh | hx93 32: cleaning | White | sensitive | polishing | chewing gum care | you can operate 5 modes using each toothbrush, for more customizable cleaning
Meet specific verbal needs.
Both models offer a \"standard\" cleaning mode (
This is a basic complete oral overhaul), \'sensitive\' (
People who are particularly sensitive to gums and/or teeth)
And the \"chewing gum care\" model (
Basically one minute after the standard cleaning mode, provide \"extra care\" cleaning for the problem area)--
It has been shown to be helpful in relieving and relieving gum inflammation and has also been clinically shown to be helpful in preventing bleeding and/or fading of gums.
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Sonic Electric rechargeable toothbrush, white, hx93 32/05 Am azon Price: $219. 99 $152. 88 Buy Now(
Prices as of May 9, 2016)
The other two modes are different--
HX6972 provides \"batch\" mode-
This is similar to the gum care model, which improves gum care by directly stimulating gum care and effectively removing plaque
Refresh mode-
Can be used as a \"touch \"(
For example, after lunch or coffee)
It only lasts about a minute.
White mode available in Hx93 32-
This causes the brush to help remove stains and \"build up\" at different speeds \";
Basically \"whiten your teeth\" and Polish mode-
\"Light Up\" teeth for a more glowing \"Glow (Even whiter)smile.
Practical function x6972:xa0Run time | 3 weeksxa0SmarTimer & Quadpacer | UV disinfectant | lighting display hx93 32:xa0Run time | 3 weeksxa0SmarTimer & Quadpacer | glass charger | lighting display is quite impressive, charging from 24 hours to 42 use (
About 21 days, so three weeks)
So obviously, it\'s great to bring you on a trip.
They also promote healthy dental cleaning habits through the SmarTimer function
Make sure you clean in the recommended 2 minutes and make sure you have a quadrant every 30 seconds to let you know to change the quadrantxa0--pretty cool (
And \"easily start\" by gradually building the power supply in the first 12 to 14 uses, slowly introducing you to Philips sonic technology.
Both models are also equipped with an HDTV display (
Detail what brush mode you are using and battery life)
The system that appears-
When you open the brush
But it disappeared.
When you turn it off
HX6972 is equipped with a UV disinfectant station where you can put your brush headafter use -
To kill 99% of the viruses and bacteria that live on it (
And charge and store your brush).
Given that the hx93 32 offers a \"conductive\" pay glass, you can also use it for mouthwash, etc.
And the USB suitcase-
So you can charge your toothbrush from your laptop.
Brush head x6972:xa0The compact and standard Brush esults Brush head hx93 32: 2 x Diamond Brush head hx93 32 is equipped with the \"Sonicare best Brush head\" claimed by Philips, but both
Match the shape of your teeth)
To effectively remove the plaque--
Touch your gum line and remove stains.
The HX6972 you will notice comes with a standard and compact versionxa0ProResults toothbrush head--
The latter is basically just a mini version, perfect for accuracy (
Individual teeth)
Cleaning, especially useful for those with oral cleaning restrictions/problems (e. g.
Gum disease, braces, etc. )
Further information warranty information the sonicare package supports a 2 year insurance plan (
From the date of purchase)
If you are not satisfied, there is also a two-month \"refund guarantee\" transaction.
Size and weight x6972-3. 7 x 6. 7 x 9.
2 inch | 1 pound--HX9332 -1. 3 x 1. 1 x 7. 5 inches | 0.
What\'s in the box (package)HX6972 -
A sonicare premium flexcare toothbrush-
A standard scale result brush head and a compact scale result brush head, three brush headshead color-code rings (
If you share a toothbrush)
, Super violent disinfectant charging station, travel charger andxa0Two travel caps suitable for the provided suitcase. \"HX9332 -
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush, 2xxa0Diamond Clean brush head, nice charging glass, USB charging suitcase and instructions.
Average rating of reviews (sourced Amazon. com)HX6972: 4.
3 out of 5 stars (86%)
From 1,000 comments. HX9332: 4.
4 out of 5 stars (88%)
From 450 comments.
Summary: whether you bought HX6972 or hx93 32xa0Obviously, both electric toothbrushes are great. -
But I believe their purpose is slightly different from the designated cleaning mode.
Hx93 32\' Diamond-
Cleaning is for those who pursue \"better\", \"healthier\" teeth, while HX6972 is especially suitable for gum health and care (
Treat people who already have oral problems & therefore have UV disinfectant as well).
Which Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush will you buy & why, if you have any concerns, comments or questions about the comparison overview of HX6972 and hx93 32, or for any modele. g.
Further clarification on the accessories and functions of hx93 32. )
Then, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section (
You will find it below)
We will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.
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