How you use your toothbrush is as important as the one you choose

by:HongXing     2020-07-31
White teeth seem to be welcome forever, and at least some of all Canadians have bought excessive teeththe-
Counter whitening products.
When you stand in front of multiple people, it seems daunting to choose the right toothbrush
Color brush array on store shelves.
Should you splurge on electric charging or try the battery?
Operate one first?
Do you prefer rotating head or vibrating head?
How about the cheek and tongue cleaner?
Or you will take your favorite media --
Until the next time, the large size of the soft brush into the shopping cart.
For the average consumer, a simple and effective option is a soft brush with a head that fits the size of your mouth.
But dental experts say the most important thing is to use, not choose.
Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes is important not only for good oral health and overall health, but also for charming smiles, pleasing looks and more social confidence.
Kristi Wayne, a registered dental practitioner at Spruce Grove in Alberta, said dental plaque formed about 20 minutes later.
Daily cleaning prevents tooth decay by removing sticky film or plaque bacteria from the surface of the tooth.
She said brushing teeth removes plaque from the three surfaces of the teeth-the top, the tongue and the cheek side-while the floss reaches the surface that touches the teeth.
Brushing your teeth does not remove the tartar that is hardened into tartar, but regular brushing of your teeth and using dental floss can reverse the swollen gums of bleeding (gingivitis)
, A kind of periodontal disease that may cause (gum)
Disease and lack of bone and teeth.
\"Manual and electric toothbrushes are good as long as the patient is thorough and on-going,\" said registered dental health care teacher Melinda McFarlane . \".
However, if any of her patients had a lot of plaque build-up between visits and were unable to reach all areas of the teeth, brushing their teeth was too positive or not long enough, she would recommend switching to an plastic toothbrush instead.
Some brushes have been built
In a timer that pulses or beeps every 30 seconds, tell you when to move to the next quadrant of your mouth.
Others have pressure sensors to help aggressive brushes break habits.
\"McFarlane also recommends that patients with limited hand activity due to age or medical conditions use a brush.
For older people who need a larger ergonomic handle but can\'t afford a brush, she recommends packaging-
Wrap the face around the handle or tie the tennis ball to the bottom of the handle.
Wayne, he prefers battery charging.
The consistent head speed operation Brush says that the choice between rotating or vibrating heads is personal preference.
But not all brushes sound the same.
She suggests taking the test model to the pharmacy to find the vibration frequency and hum you like.
Doctors say many people tend to use brushes that are too big for their mouthsUrsula Flis.
\"Toothbrush and brushing techniques depend on the size of the mouth, the number of teeth, how the teeth are arranged, and whether there is spacing or crowding between the teeth.
Proper brushing is a very individual practice.
\"Depending on the individual\'s biology, genetics, lifestyle, and medical history, even the growth of plaques varies from person to person.
\"It\'s a lot of factors,\" said Windsor dentist Flis . \".
\"If your parents have problems with gum disease, you may also have.
However, other health factors such as smoking and diabetes may also lead to a greater risk of gum disease.
\"According to the World Health Organization, severe gum disease is a potential risk factor for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases (WHO)
10-15 of the world\'s population (
600 to 0. 9 billion people)
Severe periodontal disease. Dr.
Paul Lambert, a dentist and dentist in Edmonton, said people need to know two things to properly care for their teeth and gums: \"Are they prone to tooth decay? Or is it easy to get periodontal disease?
If they also have a high risk, their brushing technique must be very good and very consistent.
\"Not sure which toothbrush to buy?
From the media-
A soft brush of moderate size, Dr.
Flis, then take it to your next dental appointment and discuss a brush and technique that suits you.
DailyElectric -
Work around the mouth and have the brush sit on each tooth for a few seconds to clean up the plaque.
Tilt the brush up or down to the edge where the teeth and gums meet and rotate to the corner between the teeth.
Don\'t scrub, let it do the work. Manual -
Point the bristles to the gum line 45-
Degree angle, gently massage with vibration action to create friction.
Move the toothbrush in the direction of tooth growth.
For children with lower manual dexterity, it is easier to brush their teeth in circles.
During the night, the Saliva neutralizes the bacteria in the mouth, but the night flow slows down.
Brush your teeth after a late night snack.
If you only use dental floss once a day, use it at night.
Replacement of manual and electric adults every three months-and child-
If the bristles start to wear or flatten, a brush of the size is used.
If you are sick and have gum inflammation or gum disease, please change it more frequently.
Never share your toothbrush head.
Brushing your teeth cannot replace the daily floss cleaning or regular dental examination.
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