how will the plastic bottle deposit scheme work? how much will it cost?

by:HongXing     2020-05-18
Plastic bag 5p charging has achieved great success in the UK.
There were also people talking about \"latte\" on plastic coffee cups, and it was suggested that plastic straws might be banned.
It is clear that plastic is a major problem because our oceans are full of plastic and politicians are now paying attention to reducing the damage caused.
The latest development in this regard is the deposit of plastic bottles.
To reduce a lot of waste in plastic, the plan will allow people to pay more for plastic bottles.
Then, if they return the bottle to the recycling point, they will get the extra money back.
Nothing new.
40 countries and 21 US states around the world, including Germany, Sweden and Israel, have some kind of plastic bottle deposit return plan.
In our case, the plan is likely to include
Use glass and plastic bottles as well as steel and aluminum cans.
Depending on who we follow, people pay extra for beverage containers and then return them to the store they purchased or the national recycling point.
Then they will get the money back.
In some countries, the money is donated to charities or retailers, while in others it is used to run the program.
In Germany, the cost of setting up the program is estimated at £ 0. 6 billion and maintenance costs are estimated at £ 0. 7 billion per year.
The British Plastics Federation has counted our installation costs of approximately £ 1 billion and maintenance costs of approximately £ 1 billion per year.
Five men arrested for trying to kill two men in west London
Mogg memes wants you to see this photo of the injured teenager while the front desk family is \"hanging out\" and they don\'t ride a bike, which brings an extra fee to customers in other countries (
And potential returns from recyclers)
Each bottle is between 8p and 22 p.
The British government has not yet released the exact cost we may see here.
With regard to the plan, environment minister Michael Gove said: we need to see changes in attitudes and behaviour.
The evidence suggests that the reward and return plan is a powerful enabler of change.
It is estimated that the British use 13 million plastic bottles a year, of which only 3 billion are used in recycling plants.
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