how to use food storage containers

by:HongXing     2020-05-29
When selling storage containers in the market, especially when storing food, it is crucial to understand what is good to buy from bad things.
The most important thing is the size, color, cost, use, grade of plastic or glass and the temperature resistance of kitchen gadgets.
The most important thing is the microwave!
Most of us choose plastic storage containers or boxes mainly because of the \"cost\" factor.
Not all plastic boxes are suitable for food storage.
When food is stored in this box, it is critical to look for \"food grade\" storage containers that do not contain recycled plastics or dyes that are considered unsuitable for consumption.
Before you store your favorite leftovers or pack your lunch for yourself, stop and think about the type of food you want to put in these storage containers.
When foods contain fat, acid, or alcohol, they may react with plastic polymers (
The storage box is made)
And reduce the quality of food by reacting with food particles.
Remember when you thought it was a smart idea to hide your fabric paint in your small food storage container to prevent them from spilling?
When you store items that are not edible in food storage containers such as detergents, chemicals or paint, you will make these boxes unsuitable for storing food.
There are many kinds of plastic used, but each plastic cannot be used to store food.
Plastics are assigned codes and then classified according to different uses.
These can be found at the top of the bottom of each container.
Some common codes are PET (
Code 1 centered on the recycling symbol, high density polyethylene (
High density polyethylene)
Code 2, vinyl for Code 3, etc until Code 7.
Of these high density polyethylene, code 2 is best suited for storing food as long as the food is certified as \"food grade.
Two main problems should be paid attention to when using plastic storage containers.
First, oxygen is transferred through the plastic wall of the container, and secondly, the invasion of pests and insects can become a problem for a period of time.
But don\'t worry because there are simple family remedies that can easily be addressed.
The use of light metal food packaging will isolate light and insects.
Another common food problem is related to food burning.
During this process, water droplets are formed on the food when it is not stored dry or when the wet food is stored.
This can purify the food and reduce the taste and appearance of the food.
There is the formation of White Dew.
This is called burning food.
Sometimes, the food storage boxes available for microwave can be used for heating, but not for long periods of time because they may be toxic.
All in all, switching to a metal box instead of a plastic box is not a bad idea in the long run.
After using plastic storage containers for a long time, you can store household items with them and recycle them.
Use plastic storage containers wisely and always consider the environment.
Whether it's automation or artificial intelligence, the rapid convergence of technology and business often determines plastic food containers’s competitiveness.
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