how to use cardboard storage boxes

by:HongXing     2020-06-16
Cardboard storage boxes are everywhere.
Large supermarkets use them and your family may have a lot, especially when they buy new furniture, your neighbors may throw away a bunch every week.
Electronics and gadgets are usually stored in big boxes, and most of the time, the store will simply flatten them and pay others to throw them away.
Why not do yourself a favor and ask if the store can give it to you.
Anyway, they will be happy to throw it away, don\'t you mind the extra box?
The fact is that these cartons are very useful and can come in handy, so it\'s better to keep them instead of throwing them away.
There are many ways you can recycle them.
Before that, however, you may want to store them first.
Anyway, you might want to know where these boxes are placed?
There is a garage, behind the big furniture, and even under the bed.
You just have to take them apart to fold them up and flatten them.
This is the best if the air hole of the box is small, so it is recommended to seal it with transparent tape.
On top of that, you can store them on your roof and place them between the boards to prevent them from being placed directly under the roof plaster.
If you notice beautiful printed boxes in the home store, they are actually recycled cartons.
Why not take the same steps, take a few old boxes and redecorate them yourself.
You can even use your old cardboard shoe box.
Although, they are not strong enough because plastic storage boxes, recycled cardboard storage boxes are eco-friendly
Friendly and saves a lot of rubbish.
You can also make a cover for the box with some old cardboard storage boxes to protect your stuff from dust and dirt.
Everyone can use several cardboard storage boxes in their own home.
Like, not everyone has an archiving system, so they can use that to store important files.
Their children can even use them to store their toys, or they can store their small toys and snacks with small cardboard shoe boxes.
These can also be used as partitions for your huge cabinets or cabinets.
Before throwing away the cardboard storage boxes, try to flatten them first and store them somewhere.
You will never know when they will come in handy.
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