how to reuse plastic containers

by:HongXing     2020-08-12
Plastic containers are everywhere!
Plastic containers seem to be everywhere!
Take a trip to the grocery store and you will check it out yourself.
Butter, margarine, yogurt cup and sour cream.
You may have plastic containers of all shapes and sizes in your home.
Many of them may have arrived there from grocery stores and other stores.
No matter where they come from, it\'s better to find their use around the house than to throw them out.
The landfill is full of plastics, which take years to degrade due to the fact that 90% of the plastic is not recycled.
In fact, we don\'t know how long it will take for plastic to degrade.
The plastic is already around 100 and the first plastic is still here!
Some experts believe it will take hundreds of years for plastics in landfill sites to degrade.
That\'s why we really need to recycle plastic containers as much as possible.
Find new uses for plastic water bottles.
Cut the bottom of the plastic water bottle in this way to form a spoon.
You can use it in the garden to collect compost or potted soil. 2.
Cut off the first three plastic water bottles and you have great pots.
Drain a hole or two at the bottom.
These are great plant starter containers. 3.
Use the top of the water bottle as a funnel.
Just pour it over and remove the cap. Milk Jugs1.
Hand weight: fill half a gallon of plastic cans with sand.
Weigh and see how heavy the weight is, mark the container with a sharp pen.
Hold the handle and raise it!
A few hands heavy: 5 lbs.
8 lbs, 10 lbs. 2.
Make luminarias.
Cut the top under the handle.
Fill 1/3 with sand.
Put a candle in the container and in the lamp.
Place a beautiful party night decoration along the sidewalk. 3.
Store sugar, coffee, etc. using a gallon-sized container. 4.
Use the bottom of a gallon-sized milk jug to put a toilet brush in the bathroom.
Butter container 1.
Use a butter container with a lid to store spare change. 2.
A butter container with a lid can be used to store food in a lunch box: fruit like grapes, berries or boiled eggs works well. 3.
Make a sewing bag with a large butter bucket.
Put the needle, thread and other necessary sewing supplies in it. Resources1.
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