How to Pack a Suitcase

by:HongXing     2020-07-01
For tricky questions, I packed the tips and pointers for the suitcase.
Cheap flights and cheap airlines are full of people.
Therefore, packing a suitcase is a necessary job but can be done effectively.
These are the skills I have accumulated through experience.
Of course, packing is still useful if you don\'t fly to where you\'re going, just like you\'re trying to minimize space and trouble (
Especially if you have to take the subway or bus).
I wrote it from England.
Because this is the central position that I have the most experience.
This ble will handle the flight with a piece of luggage/checked baggage/something under the plane.
For hand luggage that is constantly tricky, there will also be extra help.
I\'m using this little hard.
Since I will only be away for a few days, I will open the suitcase in this case.
Although if you leave for a long time, take a big case.
If you\'re on a cheap airline (
In Europe, these are easyJet, BMI Baby, RyanAir, etc. )
Then there is a limit of about 20 kg per bag.
Once you have selected the package you like, go to the next stage.
Now, I can\'t tell you what to pack because it depends on what you\'re doing and where you\'re going.
But, it helps to write down a list of everything you might want to pack or need.
Or if you\'re not good at Lists, put everything together.
Now, you want to sort your stuff :-
Absolutely needed-
Clothes, towels, toiletries, electrical appliances-
Nice to bring-
Entertainment, books
No, but if there\'s space.
Kit XBoxYou can never carry everything you think you might want while on vacation with you, so giving priority to your stuff allows you to pack as needed.
When your bag is full (and it will)
At least you have packed what you absolutely need.
These are the clothes you absolutely need.
If I leave less than a week, I plan on what to wear every day, so there is about one set of clothes per day.
Or you can pack according to the activity you are going to do (e. g.
Walking, swimming, business).
I like to wear a mix and match so I usually get ready for most situations.
Figure 2 shows the spare shoes I carry with me.
Spare shoes are always handy, so in order to make the most of the space, I am packing my smallest/most squashed shoes and I will wear my bigger ones instead of the squashed ones
I put my shoes in plastic bags to prevent them from messing up.
I usually pack the head and tail of the shoe so that I can take up less space.
Or, leave each shoe separately in the most suitable place.
An important tip for traveling and packing is not to forget that you are also carrying the clothes you are wearing with you.
Therefore, wear larger or larger items while traveling to save space, as there is no limit to your weight when you get on the plane.
Due to the decompression of luggage storage and the possible rough handling of loading personnel, toiletries may explode.
Therefore, it is prudent to put the gel, liquid and cream in a waterproof plastic bag to prevent all sticky things from exploding in the clothes.
What I noticed is that the container with the flip cover (
Hair gel, sunscreen, etc. )
I have a bigger pop trend than the screw cap peers, because the top of the flap may accidentally drop the line, so I usually buy the screw cap container to travel.
Due to potential confusion, I always put my toothbrush in another plastic bag separately.
There is no worse taste than finding your toothbrush head and shoulders;
Those things are bubbling all the time.
Despite using an plastic toothbrush at home, I travel with a regular toothbrush because they take up less space on size and charger.
It can also prevent any \"accidental\" vibration of your bag.
Traveling with valuables is usually a good idea to be on the safe side, so I wear my coat and pants and have a lot in my pocket.
As I said before, as long as there is no violation of their \"No pointed or sharp stuff\" rule, the airline will not count everything you wear.
You may spend more time emptying your pocket safely, but you can take more.
Other important things that you can\'t carry with you, such as a charger, a transmission cable, or anything that may be fragile, can be placed in the middle of the box for protection, which is more likely in case of a soft shell.
Also keep in mind that you can\'t get nail files or anything potentially dangerous in the cabin, so pack them too.
I also always pack some plastic bags because they are useful for containers and separating things.
I use my towel to lay some padding on the bottom of my suitcase and then put the toiletries and other important things in the middle.
When the case is straight, my shoes are at the bottom of the case just for a little more padding.
I put my stuff around everything that\'s not squashed. e. my clothes.
When you have a lot of things that don\'t squander, it\'s usually best to roll up your clothes carefully and stuff them into the space.
If you\'re just packing, then you don\'t need to roll.
I leave things like underwear and socks to the end because they don\'t mind being tied to the right little space.
Also, the situation opens in the middle, so you can pack more stuff above the queue, which will be squashed.
You go there, pack!
Don\'t forget the elastic straps on the top, as they help reduce the proper baggage explosion if your bag is accidentally opened.
It\'s usually a good idea to put a label in your bag to identify it, and it\'s easier to work in the event of possible loss, and it will come back to you.
Just basic details are enough, or name, number, zip code.
Then lock it up, grab the key, or confuse the lock.
Always change the combination from the factory preset if possible.
The case should be accompanied by an explanation.
Usually, it enters the correct code and then presses the switch while entering the new code.
As a final check, place the bags on the weighing scale to ensure that they do not exceed the weight limit set by the airline.
Hand luggage can be desirable for packaging as it provides extra space for all the tedious stuff, again, as long as nothing is sharp or dangerous.
Most airlines once again have guidelines on size and weight.
As far as I know, in the EU, the weight of the package cannot exceed 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm and 10 kg, only one package, but it is variable, so it is better to check with your specific airline.
For this reason, I like to use soft bags or backpacks as hand luggage, which can be used in X-ray machine.
If it can\'t go through that hole, it can\'t get on the plane.
I also brought those lanyard bags, which were nice and small to carry with me during the day.
If you travel only with hand luggage, the EU has restrictions on carrying liquids on the plane and only allows carrying liquids in containers with a volume of less than 100 ml.
This applies to all liquids, shampoo, toothpaste, contact lens fluids.
Fortunately, they made small bottles for this purpose in stores such as supermarkets, usually more popular brands.
These must be placed in a clear plastic bag and placed separately in your hand luggage.
The European airport I \'ve been to offers regulatory packages and can put them in if you don\'t have liquid.
If you travel a lot, you will learn to pack light.
They do all sorts of things today to help save space for folding or bending, like hair dryers and multipletools.
I love my little vulinox knife because it offers a lot of use in a small package.
However, if you are flying, it must be placed in checked baggage, otherwise you may lose it when you pass security.
If you only travel with your hand luggage, especially on cheap airlines, another potential savings is to consider what you can buy instead of packing extra rooms.
Most cheap airlines charge around £ 10 per pack for checked baggage.
So if it\'s cheaper to buy something than to check a package, it helps to calculate.
For example, if I buy a sleeping bag instead of packing, I can save a lot of room as I can find one for less than £ 20.
Of course, you can bring more if you are checking in your luggage, but more is not always better.
Don\'t forget your passport! Travel safe!
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