how to make vacuum cleaner using plastic bottle at home

by:HongXing     2020-05-27
Ask the plastic bottle mouth deodorant bottle mouth first aid cloth DC motor and glue gun and a small elbow cut the empty plastic bottle in half, take a deo bottle cut, you will get the plate as shown in the figure.
Let\'s move on to the next step.
Remove the paper from the deo bottle, place the part of the bottle that was previously cut, draw the circular bottom opening with the mark, cut the part marked, you get a round metal portion2.
Then take a scale and draw 4 lines, as shown in the figure, which gives an intermediate point and 8 wing parts to cut them on the outside.
Take a hammer and nail, place the nail in the middle part of the round sheet and make a hole.
Then, according to the wings of the wire cut fan drawn, leave some circular areas near the middle hole, and we will get the Wing 5.
Twisted wing refers to all wings in the same direction as shown in the figure. 6.
Your fans are ready.
Connect the 12 v DC Toy motor to the rotating rod, connect the ballpoint pen refill and press it tightly. 2.
Cut the excess part of the refill, then fix the previously prepared fan on the refill and put the refill part into the fan hole. 3.
Apply hot glue around the joint for additional strength. 4. Fan is ready1.
At the bottom, make a circular part with the mark that keeps the motor in the center.
Drill holes in the entire bottom of the bottle using a flasks or any other heated needle, which is useful for draining the inhaled air out of the body.
Then make a big hole in the track to fix the motor, apply hot glue after placing the hole, and fix the motor in the hole, place the fan side in the bottle, and place the motor\'s
Take the first aid cloth, place the top of the plastic bottle on the first aid cloth, a little more than the bottle, fix it on the bottle with double-sided tape and fix the two parts of the bottle with tape.
Remove the cap, make a hole, place a wire pipe bent in any direction, and fix it on the cap, and fix the small plastic bottle at the other end, as shown in the figure.
For decorative purposes, I added the red plaster and handle with the card sheet, connected the motor with a wire, and opened the vacuum cleaner.
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