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by:HongXing     2020-08-23
Credit: Amberdawn 2011 if you have a lot of \"things\" that don\'t add decoration, would you like to know how to make decorative storage boxes for your home? You want to find your home in a more organized way, creating a decorative storage space that can do both things at once.
If you have a creative side, you don\'t need to spend too much on custom storage because simple cardboard storage boxes can be remodeled with decorative paper.
So, keep reading if you want to learn how to make decorative storage boxes.
What you need: wallpaper Italian rafting container (
I use a rinsed yogurt container)
Cheap 1 inch brush (
Less than $1 in hardware stores)
Cardboard storage boxes with covers are decorated with cardboard storage boxes.
When choosing a box, consider where you will put the decorative storage box.
For example, if they are going to open the shelf, measure the space and select the right box.
For ideas on where to get free and cheap cardboard storage boxes, see the tips below this article.
Choose the wrapping paper that coordinates with your decor.
Decide how bold or subtle you want your trim box to be.
Then choose the color and style of the decorative paper you like.
For ideas on Custom Decorative paper, see resources below.
Cut off the decorative paper
First, track the bottom of your box and cut it down.
Next, track all 4 sides and let them connect to each other so you can wrap them around the sides of the cardboard storage box.
Turn your lid upside down and repeat the same process.
Track the base and then track all 4 sides so you can wrap it on the side and wrap them out.
Paste the wallpaper on the first decorative paper (
Base for decorative storage box).
Use a very thin layer of paste.
That is, just dip the corner of the brush into the goopy paste and carefully apply it to the decorative paper so you don\'t tear it.
Place the base of decorative paper on the base of the cardboard storage box.
Drop the paper carefully as you will not be able to \"swing\" it to center.
Do the same for the long pieces you cut to wrap up the side of the decorative storage box.
Work slowly, stick one end to the first side, smooth the decorative paper to the corner when you turn the box and wrap it around the other side, etc until you finish all four aspects.
Repeat the process for the lid.
Make your project dry.
At the same time, repeat this process for any number of cardboard storage boxes.
After a dry day, touch the decorative paper to make sure it is no longer tacky and then place the decorative storage box where you choose.
Fill them with items you want to easily access but want to hide.
You\'re done!
You have simple decorative storage boxes with the lowest cost.
Good luck with your project.
The large box of cardboard is good for small and medium-sized enterprises and has a lid.
Another free source for the boxes is the liquor store that provides the boxes, but they are not always covered.
Some shops that do seasonal displays, such as candy boutiques and department stores, may have decorative boxes for seasonal displays that they will throw away after the season ends.
Finally, if you don\'t mind paying, the craft store will sell decorative storage boxes, so even if you find prints you don\'t like, you can change them with decorative paper, like a free cardboard storage box.
Paper gets wet and torn if you use too much paste.
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